MEAT: (234)


was he banging that vixen, forreal?
can i see the un-rated version?
i found this wolf during my black friday shopping
i want to unwrap that package immediately…

foxes meet j. hustle

he is the wolf “you fuck“.
you don’t make this hubby material.
you just bring him in and let him dig you out…

he also happens to rap
or something:


…. yeah.
just a nut.

lowkey: i heard maya guez is a transsexual.
is this true?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “MEAT: (234)”

    1. ^yup!
      go ahead.

      on his model mayhem page,
      he says he is straight.
      why do these wolves take pictures of their cheeks as the main dish,
      then complain that they are straight?

      1. Well I can understand why. Straight aren’t suppose to show their asses according to the book of Society (insert sarcasm). He has a nice body period. Not to mention, you have those pesky messy queens who insist that he is gay and would want to sleep with so maybe he put up a disclaimer to warn them.

        I do it all the time..LOL

  1. Damn Damn Damn…on this day after Thanksgiving…I am thankful God created that man to be so sexy! I’ll grip on to those cakes and ride him into the sunset!

  2. Damn, he’s sexy as hell. Fine ass body with some tasty cakes. I think he would be down for some private man on man action very deep undercover!

  3. I don’t get it… He’s not attractive to me. He has a nice body, but his face is not hittin’ on nothin’. And his swagg is so Stebbie-J. I’ll pass. He looks more like a FOX than a WOLF and I’d rather see him bent over…

  4. Man surprise you havent blown this dude up before now, been following him a couple of years now. If I cant have Braylon would gladly take him, this man is almost perfect in my book, not too pretty, been down for him every since I seen his pics. I doubt he ever gets naked because it would have surfaced before now, hes been around awhile.

  5. BLEH .. at least he’s working on his bread USING what he got, he doesn’t seem relevant,ALTHOUGH i wish him the best, he’s one of those if we end up on a drunk night sure,

  6. Nice pics, but look at when they show their ass and say you’re straight. I bet he can be dealt with when you corner his ass off and the timing is right!

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