MEAT (201)

the face of an angel

… and my mind made of absolute sin.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “MEAT (201)”

  1. George Hill is in the same boat. Its not really exciting anymore. I scroll past his pictures on tumblr now because it’s all of the things ive seen before.

    1. ^first of all,
      why did he over-sexualized a “high fashion” video?
      what part of this told him he needed to be a hoe?
      where was the various looks?
      no suit shot?
      i’m confused…

  2. You know George Hill should just join a house and walk sex siren bc that’s exactly what his antics remind me of. I don’t see him as nobody’s rapper or model

  3. I follow both Beck and G.Hill on Instagram(dont judge me lol) both are lame as hell now to me, it is so many good looking dudes on Instagram that you literally can not keep up. The internet has pretty much destroyed any chance of anyone actually being a standout boy for more than a hot minute. I just wonder how many pics can G.Hill take with his shirt off and in Jeans. His legs must look like shit because he never shows them, he has come off his high horse though about his gay followers, dudes comment on his pics all the time on Instagram and not one fuck is given by him now. Beck on the other hand comes off as very gay friendly to me, maybe its his Cali upbringing. Cant knock either one for being good looking dudes, but being popular on Instragram and Twitter is not putting money in the bank. G. Hill please stop all this fuckery about being a model, go back to being the cute boy who works at Wal-mart Auto and change some damn oil, or UPS and deliver some packages. His look is everyday cute, see boys like these two daily at any given gym.

    1. I’m fairly certain that Mr. Beck is familiar with the cool crisp taste of penis…at least from some posts & things I saw a while back

  4. He’s a nice looking man, but I don’t think he’s remotely hot enough to make a successful living from his looks alone. I hope he has other talents – I wouldn’t be surprised if he did a few porn movies, tried his hand at ‘rap’, stripping. I don’t see him becoming Chairman of a worldwide company. Shame.

    But I’d buy him a drink.

  5. Uhh okay, take that back he is feminine, i just clicked the audio.. Models for who? Maybe I should try whoring my pics out..Jamari care to be the publicity stunt manager?

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