Marvin Jones: Cut or Un-Cut?

I kid….

With the No. 166 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Cincinnati Bengals took Cal wide receiver Marvin Jones. Jones probably wasn’t high on the radar of many teams in this draft, but his offseason was outstanding. Jones showed off great pro skills at the Senior Bowl and proved that he was among the best available talents in this draft. Cincinnati just added a reliable receiver who could be No. 2 behind A.J. Green, a 2011 first-round pick.

Jones possesses many of the important pro-style receiving attributes. He knows how to run all the required routes and excels at going inside or outside. He can be an occasional end-around threat to stretch the field but is more suited for going down the field, either in the slot or as a flanker. Jones is solid at blocking on running plays as well, helping open up holes for one of the better running attacks in the Pac-12. Jones did struggle with drops, but for the most part he excelled as a top-flight wideout alongside Keenan Allen.

Jones finished in the historical top ten among all Cal players in receiving yards, receptions, and receiving touchdowns despite not once having a good quarterback throwing him the football. Could he be that productive at the next level?

We should celebrate Marvin.

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7 thoughts on “Marvin Jones: Cut or Un-Cut?”

  1. Lol I thought somthing totaly different. Usually the 2nd and 3rd round draft picks become all stars and the 1st rounders are usually a bust

      1. Not all 1st rounders but the majority are. I guess it’s cause they have high expectations that not all rookies can fulfill

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