Male Puerto Rican Hips Don’t Lie?

tumblr_mjf6i969vX1s8187ko1_500well looks like anthony jerome is representing puerto rican well,
don’t cha think?…
(def not for “straight eyes” and a little NSFW)…

tumblr_mj2y7vMWbc1rwlmvzo1_400well okay.
i swear but…
every puerto rican guy i met,
mostly straight,
ALL had fat tails.

i never met him,
but you get the point.
hispanic vixens of course always have fat butts and thick thighs,
but the dudes seem to follow the same regiment as well.
maybe its the food?
come to think of it…
i don’t think ive ever seen a flat backed latino.
now the sad part is…
i “had” heard the pipe size is not always plentiful.
they can’t have everything,
can they?

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Author: jamari fox

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30 thoughts on “Male Puerto Rican Hips Don’t Lie?”

  1. It could be the food since we eat a lot of fried food, but it most likely because of the black beans and platano we eat. Pero parate(hold on) it could also have to do something with our African side tambien cuz shit I met some serious flat ass Ricans, even if they’re fat. It that Native and Spaniard blood that why. But I’m going to lie I been admiring those AA and Rican mix dudes a lot lately.

    1. ^someone told me recently you all are still “black” at the end of the day.
      so mixed with black means nothing.
      *runs and hides*
      don’t hit me!

      1. Lmao I concur with whoever told you that. A lot of Puerto Ricans and Dominicans love to holler “I’m not black! I’m [insert Latin race]”

        But history don’t lie.

      2. Not all are mixed with black, but even the whitest of the white could have a black ancestor because regardless it still part of Latin America. But in Puerto Rico, places like Santurce, Loiza, Rio Piedras, Carolina, Bayamon, Ponce, and Llores something is where you can find a lot of us Afro-Boricuas. But on the west coast of PR is mainly white Ricans and gringos.

      3. @frostyandfoxy. That true. But we don’t share the same view on race like AA community. Like if a child who is AA and white, he is still consider black in the U.S. but in PR o DR he is consider mixed o mulatto in Cuba. A friend of my made an excellent example the one drop rule in the U.S. you’re black regardless, but in Latin America you gotta reach for that whiteness and claim more of it. Opposite.

        1. ^it seems every spanish community,
          well the ones in the us anyway,
          seem to discriminate like the blacks.
          light skin vs dark skin.
          god forbid you are a dark skin latino.
          ive seen that first hand prejudice.

      4. That happens too in Latin America. But I am a dark skin afro-latino, and this white nuyorican slut told me I should marry a white woman to have better looking kids and I was 10 at that time. Pero ay lo siento solo interesa en chocolate(Sorry, but I love chocolate better) even own my mother who is olive skin always hook up me with dark skin men. Next time I gonna ask her why.

      5. light skin vs dark skin also affects the Asian community. Over in Asia, they discriminate against dark skin Asians because they assume that they’re dark because they’re working class, which means they’re not rich and have to spend their days working outside in the sun.

        In the Indian(from India) community, they don’t allow dark skin Indians to be in their Bollywood films.

  2. Strange because I heard the pipe size is always plentiful. Makes me wonder what’s in the food they’re eating because Brazilian men always seem to be packing big thick juicy ones. It’s a shame that all those str8 PR asses are going to waste.

    This reminds me, did you see the porn-star Krave was interviewed on ACONNECTIONTV while he’s in a bathtub with his nipples erect the whole time?

      1. Not surprised. I used to know a Str8 Rican dude who said “He inherited his tongue skills from his dad.” He said it ran in the family and that it always helps to be good with your tongue. I guess that’s something they value. Makes me wonder if their homosexual counterparts are better at sucking dick…

        I had two uncles that used to travel to Rio back in the day. I heard Brazilians are really freaky. Like really freaky. Many of their men seem to be bi. My uncles were going there for the women tho. Lucky bastards.

    1. Ay not all Rican men have big dicks, but still the small dick Ricans are the minority. But papi let me tell you some Puerto Rican men have dicks that look likes platano or plantain. Identical. No joke.

  3. But let me tell you. When my mom who looks like a “typical” Puerto Rican lost her “friends” (majority white Ricans) when they saw with my brown skin. Which is kinda funny tho because it like first of all my mom is a black Puerto Rican woman, yea she got red hair and tan skin, but look at her father who is clearly black and her siblings who are clearly black themselves, so what change?

    1. That’s disgusting if true. I know a woman whose mom favors her light-skin grandchildren over her dark-skin ones. I’m just all out of SMH for humankind as of late.

      Lindo, did I read right when you said your mom hooks you up with dudes? Are you and your mom really cool like that?

      1. Yes, it is true. Damn the slut who told me to date a white woman is the same way too! But she is fucking asshole because one time she said that her granddaughter, who is black and dark skin, is going to be a bump and pregnant. But guess what boo boo, she’s graduated from H.S. and now going to college. And it so funny to me that she said that about her own granddaughter is black, but this bitch got pregnant at 15, don’t know who the daddy is, and quite freshman H.S. because it was “hard”, but in actually she quite because she was fucking lazy. How I know my mom’s friend was the teacher of that slut.

        FYI my mom is a lesbian, but was bisexual that how she got me.

      2. Wish I had a mom like yours. Another question, would you say there’s a difference between PR and DR in the way they date/behave in a relationship? I remember hearing(I think on this blog) that Cubans are possessive or something like that.

      3. Relationship wise DR and PR are kinda possessive too for example instead asking you if you’re interested in dating them, it more like you are my end of story. Once they want you, they want you. But you gotta be careful if they fall too quickly so will their interest. Another thing you gotta be careful too, it more of a Caribbean thing, but don’t be surprise if they have another lover. PR and DR men like being affectionate with all the touching and kissing that might be overdoing it in your standards.

      4. Now I got a question. What is it like dating a black American guy? Seriously I hope and pray that I will have a handsome black wolf to call my own

      5. I wouldn’t know what they’re like. I’ve never really dated a man before. Plus, it would probably depend on which region he is from. Remember when J went to Florida and was surprised by their immediate kindness. New Yawkers think it’s cute to be rude, I guess it’s part of the charm. I think American wolves are the same. I hope it’s that easy.

  4. @Zen…I knew some families like that, where the grandparents treated their grandchildren differently. Light skinned grands were treated better than dark skinned grands, a favorite child’s kids were treated better than the other grands…stuff like that.
    The worst was a bi-racial child was ignored and treated like she didn’t exist. She could be standing right beside her cousins and the grandparents would interact with the other kids and totally ignore her. They did it at a family party. The son blasted them and told them if they couldn’t accept his child and treat her like the others, he would never speak to them again. They didn’t change and they went to their graves not truly knowing that grandchild.

  5. colorism exists in every community of color, asian, black, latino and etc after all of these nations at one point or another were colonized by europeans they developed that mindset that lighter is better thats why in most movies and etc you see the lighter skin counterparts advertised versus the darker skin people

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