I Made It! (and Then I Faked It!)

sun_after_storm-t2 today was a very interesting day…

so my boss called me in her office because she needed to speak to me.
she said.

“god now what?”

i’m sure my face said that.
she sat me down on her couch with a manilla folder in her hand.
it was my three month review.
that fast?
can you believe it?
i couldn’t.
felt like just yesterday i got accepted for the job.
since she won’t be in next week,
she wanted to give it to me early.
i got a pretty good review.
she talked about how fast i complete assignments,
how much she admires the way i write emails,
the way i do my own thing without supervision,
and the fact that i’m not involved in all the office gossip/drama.
well tell the others to keep my name out their mouthes.
anyway i passed!
i am officially off probation.
a fox can now get sick + vacation days.
i’ll also get paid for holidays.
45095-oprah-you-get-a-car-meme-gif-veb0“thank god!
thank you so much!!!”

i can also leave fridays at 12,
if i choose,
with regular pay.
well the whole company does during summer.
to some people,
getting off probation means its time to act all kinds of ratchet.
for me?
that means i have passed another milestone.
i also realized that i don’t want to be at this job for that long.
i really want more out of my life and sitting at a desk is not “it”.
even though this is a great company,
and i am extremely grateful to have this job,
i don’t want to get stuck.
that actually scares me.

thatssotrue_3635_1331081925later on in the day,
one of the mailroom wolves came and asked what i was doing tomorrow after work.


according to him all of the mailroom wolves,
thing 2,
and liar liar are all going out after work at some spot for happy hour.
i quickly declined.
liar liar was going to be there so i was definitely good.
alcohol is a truth serum.
  a couple drinks and you know people start talking.
it wasn’t going to be i,
said me.

“ya know what?
i’m actually going to see godzilla tomorrow night.
i’ll have to pass but next time!”

i’m really not seeing it tomorrow.
it was the best i could come up with.
i’m noticing they are all “friends” outside of work.
honestly they aren’t my type of “crowd” anyway.
they use the benefits of the job to do ratchet shit and meet ratchet people.
the mailroom wolves have said they drop names to get pussy.
this job could actually get them in the door for great networking.
maybe even a better job.
i won’t tell them that tho.
i want more.
i want to hang with baller wolves,
industry heads,
and other like minded folks.
so i’ll take my ass home tomorrow night.
i may be alone now,
but i’ll hold onto hope i’ll meet people i clique with.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “I Made It! (and Then I Faked It!)”

  1. Now we know who’s the real “Boss”. Mailroom boy gave you the benefit of a doubt and didn’t rely on liar liar beliefs. Good call on the situation and congrats. I alway knew there was something waiting.

  2. you made the right call i read a saying somewhere that resonated with me and it said “rich people plan for three generations, poor people plan for saturday night”….people fail to realize the clique you entertain undoubtedly can become the same clique you later can’t escape. if you hang around four broke people you’ll be the fifth broke person…I’m proud of you and your accomplishments…having read about your struggles and followed your blog for sometime i feel like i was right there with you…GOD BLESS you and keep the up good work, keep striving for greatness…this is your season for grace and favor

    1. ^malcolm thank you so much for this comment.
      i had to reply once I read it.
      that line,
      like tajan said,
      was one of the deepest sentences I’ve read in a while.
      if that didn’t make me already back away from these people…
      thank you for your comments during my lowest moments.
      i appreciate them so much.

      thank you everyone for all your support and continuous love you show me.
      i often feel like you all are the only true friends in this life I have.
      so let them go hang out at happy hour.
      there clique ain’t better than the foxhole!

  3. Congrats to you J. I forgot that we started new jobs about the same time. My boss has a meeting with me and other new workers on his team in the morning and I was trying to figure out what it was going to be about and then it hit me it is about time for all of our 90-day reviews, but I still have to wait until June 1st before the benefits kick in at my company. I am going to go up in the Dr and Dentist office like I have an American Express Black card getting all my check ups that I have been putting off for too damn long when I was unemployed. Well let me tell ya, Brotha Malcolm, even though you were giving advice to Jamari, man that line about “people fail to realize the clique you entertain undoubtedly can become the same clique you later cant escape” if that’s not one of the best pieces of advice I have ever read in my life, and the quote about rich people is not far behind. I’m so over hanging out with co-workers after work, been there done that and don’t wanna do it again. You always have to remember that you have real friends and then you have co-workers who are merely associates, so many of us get it confused thinking these people are real friends, you learn quick that they dont give a damn about you once you are not around them anymore.

  4. Congrats on these past 3 months and for knowing what you want out of life . I feel like I’m in the same boat, I’m blessed to have a job but I have dreams of bigger and better things that I want to see happen .

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