Lyke, I Said…. Sketchy.

the nigga FAWKED up.
This little F0x was nearly spotted slippin’.
I will admit my faults tho’.
Just because I bring the heat doesn’t mean I won’t make mistakes.
Glad he didn’t know my address.

I might have just regretted that in the future.

Something about Lyke was suspect, but it took this morning for me to catch it.
My spirit was iffy about him.
Now I scroll thru his texts on my Blackberry,
I am glad I held back the way I did.

Onto his story….

Lyke texted me the day before and said he wanted to come thru around 12-1ish.


I figured I would get up early and go get my hair situated, clean up the spot, andmaybe get myself a little “prepared” – although I didn’t feel like going all the way.

Just in case he decided to eat the booty.
I could do with some no strings head right now.

I woke up yesterday morning, round like 9, and first thing I did was send a text.

“Hey pa. Gotta run and do an errand. Will text you when to bounce *wink* Jamari”

Was I ready for the reply?
Nope, sure wasn’t.

This cocky muthafucka gonna text me and say:

“I’m at a friend’s crib. I was about to hit you and say I was cumin thru”

Um, excuse me, nigga?Whatchu mean “You comin thru”?We set a time and I was not about to break it.

I am not one of these thirsty niggas who bend over backwards for a nigga I never met.

why are you in the city, at your boy’s house chillin, at 9 in the morning?
Is boy, your ex, who you said was still tryna get with you?
I mean, I did ask if a nigga was talking to anyone and he did tell me that.

I say “Cool” out loud and my fingers get back texting.

He dunno Jamari’s other side… the side that plays “Dumb As A F0x”.

I texted back and said:

“Oh baby, I got a big errand so I’ll text you when I am thru.”

Which meant: We ain’t meeting today, you lying ass see thru nigga.

He texted back: “Will it before 1130? If not, I’m going home.”

Home was outside the Forest, across the bridge.

I replied: “Probably not.”

I haven’t heard from him since then.

When I broke him down at the barber shop, he seemed extra sketchy.


He showed me a picture of his daughter and it was a picture of a picture. (What?)
He has 50-11 pictures opened on BGC – but he is suppose to be discreet.

(Um? That had me with the screw face. Of course, I asked him. He said he didn’t care…. But proceeded after that to say people steal his pictures.)

He sent me pictures from him phone and they were ones I saw in his 50-11 pictures

He was extra thirsty to come over or for me to come thru (i.e moving way to fast especially for someone who is trying to get to know someone slowly.)

He only fucked when he “wifed something up” but, was eager to getting in (He got horny because I asked what his spot was? Did that motivate him to go get sum last night?)

He sent me an HIV test to prove when he just got tested. (Why? See above.)

He seemed to be insecure and was using this cockiness as a front

He stated one of his pet peeves was he hates liars… but it seems his whole situation was a “fantasy”

It’s crazy when I look back at the situation,

you really see thru the heart shaped eyes and see the real deal.

Lyke was hyding something.
I do not know what but something was not right.
Either way, he is fraudulent…and over.

I dodged quite a bullet and I see my faults in the situation.
I see that I got way too excited.
I still was iffy about meeting him so a “cancel” was in the horizons.

Everything that glittered truly wasn’t gold, huh?

Onto the next….

Author: jamari fox

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