LL Burrell: The Incredible Vanishing Wolf?

tumblr_n4arvv2HSZ1qbj5iio1_500you couldn’t tell me this wolf was not the finest thing walking.
everyone meet courtney aka ll burrell.

2CQg40pi feel like he was one of the original wolves from youtube and twitter.
kinda a cute corny,
but he seem determined to be a star.
well he just up and vanished.
you don’t really hear anything about him anymore.
i wonder what “hadda” happened?
maybe a comeback is in the works?
we’ll see.
thanks foto 119 for capturing every angle of his fineness.

visit: foto 119

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “LL Burrell: The Incredible Vanishing Wolf?”

  1. Those new pics of JJ over there have me lightheaded. I need to get life alert because some of these pics are too much. I already fell out last week lol.

    1. ^that wolf is so fine to me.
      like he makes me weak in the knees,
      i can hardly speak,
      i lose all control,
      and something takes over me…
      oh sorry.
      i had a moment.

      1. Have you seen his instagram page? I damn near blacked out behind the wheel when I saw those pics lol.

  2. I remember dude from youtube a couple of years ago when he was still in Delaware, he was a natural fine, thicker than he is now. He came to Hollywood and lost weight and got that LA thin thing going on LOL! I guess he was too big for mainstream modeling, IMO more body than looks but he aint no bad looking dude by any means but honestly you see dudes like him any given Friday at most Black Barbershops across these United States, but this dude does have talent, he plays the piano and is actually a decent vocalist. He has been quiet on his Instagram. Maybe he is super busy working on a movie or a music project. He seems like a cool dude and he loves taking pics, so I am sure he will be back, maybe he is doing another body makeover for the summer and is laying low. I have been super busy at work, so much so that I have missed a lot of these good discussions going on in the foxhole so its understandable how one can get caught up with other projects and become MIA.

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