Lil Scrappy Says Gay Is The Gateway To Aids and Frank Ocean Started It.

…. and it starts.

Rapper Lil Scrappy believes gay men like Frank Ocean are the “doorway to AIDS” … and wants more closeted homosexuals to “come out” so it can’t be spread to straight people.

I can’t.

Scrappy took to TMZ to air his side of the story out….


I’m discreet and I make sure any Wolf,
DL and discreet,
use condoms.
I have no HIV so…..

Also good iroinc laugh….
it is also straight Wolves fucking 4 or 5 Vixens raw at one time also leading to the HIV issue.
Maybe he needs to also do his research and shut the entire world of fuck up.
Obviously, he doesn’t know shit and just talking.
His delivery was just ignorant.


Lil Scrappy is on a show called Love and Hiphop ATL acting like a hot ghetto mess.
The real star of that show is his mama.
His rap career is on a nose dive and he can barely speak English.
His past lyrics also promote a promiscuous lifestyle.

Should we really take his opinion seriously?

lowkey: doesn’t he live in atlanta?
oh ok.

11 thoughts on “Lil Scrappy Says Gay Is The Gateway To Aids and Frank Ocean Started It.

  1. Its sad that so many uneducated people who probably compose most of his fan base think just like this and that is why we cant bring the HIV rate down in our community. I have no doubt that most if not all of Lil Scrappy posse and crew him included has dipped in the man pool at some point an time being that many of them have been involved in the criminal justice system at some point of other from Juvenile homes, to stints in jail. If I had a dollar for every hood boy that gets down, I would have plenty of “Money in the Bank”.

  2. Um doesn’t Lil’ Scrappy know that Harvey is gay?? He’s talking to Harvey like Harvey is on his team. #FAIL Do your research! And Lil’ Scrappy calling a woman a “fine ass bitch” is making the world a better place?????

    Give me a damn break….

    Lil’ Scrappy needs to get back to his “murrrsic” and stop trying to be a spokesman for the CDC. “Ya feel me??” Ugh…

  3. I’m sorry…Lil Who? Never heard of him. Did he mention the millions of men raw dicking each other in prison then contracting HIV and passing it to their girlfriends? Oh he didn’t…fuck him. Homophobic bastard.

  4. This persons opinion is not important to me, his mother pimped out other women for a living, so his momma is a gateway to AIDS too! , he clearly isnt educated, probably in hood 101, but science? Dont think so

  5. I was just starting to like him again from Love and Hip Hop. Just like a straight wolf to go and fuck up that entire fantasy.

  6. Money In The Bank used to be my shit back in high school, but he fell off after that. Now he’s been reduced to bullshit reality television shows, trying to get put on again. People are now critisizing Frank Ocean because he was involved with a dude who had a girl on the side. All these wild rumors flying around

    1. ^Money in the Bank is still my shit.
      Too bad, that same money left his account years ago.

      …and after his ignorance,
      Frank probably won’t be working with him.

  7. Hell no his opinion doesn’t matter. I was really starting to like Scrappy after watching him on Love and Hip hop. He’s wrong for this shit tho, it’s no doubt in my mind. Everybody plays a role when it comes to HIV. It will not go away if every gay dude comes out, it doesn’t work that way. So I guess straight people don’t catch HIV huh scrappy? GTFOH

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