Lee Daniels Thinks We Need A Snow Bunny To Heal The Country

lee-danielsso i stopped watched “empire”.
i tried to get back into it,
but even aun-T and andre’s tail couldn’t lure me back.
maybe i’ll binge it in the future,
but as of right now,
they need to get their writing together before i watch that again.
so lee daniels has another show coming out by the name of “star”.
he decided to cast a snow bunny because… via the wrap

During an appearance on the syndicated daytime talk show “The Real” on Tuesday, the producer said that he believes that the U.S. is in the midst of “a civil war.”

I thought that it was important to address race relations in America,” Daniels said. “We are, truly I believe, in a civil war. And I think that when we understand that we’re all one that [we will] then understand America. And America is still to be understood by us.”

Set in the hip-hop haven of Atlanta, “Star” follows three young women (Jude Demorest, Ryan Destiny and Brittany O’Grady) who form a musical act and navigate the cutthroat business on their way to success. The cast also includes Queen Latifah and Benjamin Bratt.

“I think that this white girl is so fabulous that black people will embrace her, and white people will embrace her,” Daniels said of Demorest’s character.




…even tyler perry isn’t this dumb.

so he casts a snow bunny as the lead,
because you know that never happens,
so this could help us during these tough racial times?
well goodness…
lee daniels is a miracle worker!

lowkey: i love how he said the snow bunny is “so fabulous”,
her fabulousness will heal the country.
is this the same show the transgender will be on?

article taken: the wrap

14 thoughts on “Lee Daniels Thinks We Need A Snow Bunny To Heal The Country

  1. I stopped watching Empire a while ago too lol. Even when you were reviewing it I was already over it

  2. He could be a decent writer if he came back to Earth. I haven’t been watching Empire because it’s just so random LOL! His mind must be like that.

    1. He is an Idiot and living in the white world. White people don’t give a damn about him casting a white actress as lead. Don’t we have enough white actresses on TV? Thank god for Tyler Perry even though he is not a good writer either.

  3. so she’s not biracial cause I did think she was either tori kelly or another tori kelly like mixed girl. Anyways I didn’t want to see it when I thought she was mixed, I don’t want to see it definitely now.

    These snow queens tho’ racism doesn’t end because you hired a white lead if that were true then we would have been happy af.

  4. Truth be told at first I thought the girl was Tori Kelly. Now I know it’s not.
    I don’t have plans of watching this show. Empire lost me three episodes into Season 2 and I never looked back.
    HTF can you go from good writing to garbage in the span of a season?!!

  5. Like i said, whye he thinks a blakc women can be so fabulous she will heal the country? I kinda get where is coming from. Like with a white woman white folks will feel represented so they will watch the show that is a black show (from what i saw in trailers) so they will like black people. And everybody will be holding hands singing kumbaya. Or maybe it’s just me trying to help him because i love empire and andre tail. But why he doesn’t think a blakc woman can do that, talk to white people?

  6. Yeah Amiyah Scott is on this show and Quincy,Diddy’s adopted son(Al B Sure’s son).Lee Daniel’s is clueless he also said his kids don’t understand racism because they have a Black dad and a White dad.😒They are in their early twenties.

    1. Amen preach!!! Trying to blackball somebody calling her a liar when she had the emails to prove what she said. On another note she killed her Role in “Almost Christmas” that’s the Monique I love. Keri Hilson did as well. I did not realize she was so stunning. Hope she puts out some new music soon.

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