khalil wells is doing another kind of beating that isn’t on onlyfans

when a Foxholer sent me this image with that chest tattoo,
and the following videos,
i instantly knew who it was.

Khalil Wells

he was “one of dem ones” from the tumblr glory days.
his best attributes was his fat butt.
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i felt like he wasted his moment when he was “in”.
he was playing too many “here today; gone tomorrow” games and folks moved on.
your big butt shelf life can be up on outta here if you are inconsistent.
well he is “in” real big trouble for beating on this trans vixen

not “i’m going to kill this little b!tch real quick”…

life looks like it hasn’t been kind to him.
compared to this:

is it drugs?
severe mental illness?
has his crazy escaped and he can’t contain it again?

i don’t know what the context of all that is going on but it doesn’t look good.
these kinds of videos make everyone so uncomfortable.
i hope if this is a domestic violence situation,
she can get up off that bathroom floor and be out.
it can’t get much lower than this.

3 thoughts on “khalil wells is doing another kind of beating that isn’t on onlyfans

  1. Imagine my surprise when I was scrolling on Twitter (I’m not calling it X) and he real live in the bathroom fighting with his girl. I was so disgusted. The thing with him is he is ALWAYS the victim if you let him tell it. Clearly he has some mental issues because he self-mutilates and add whatever drugs he’s doing to his already unstable mindset and it’s a recipe for disaster.

    One minute, he’ll say he doesn’t have sex with men, the next, he’ll say anybody can get the dick. Another instance, he says he doesn’t get penetrated but then a two seconds later, he’s getting pegged. I’m nobody’s mental health authority but that man got demons only therapy and staying OFF social media will fix

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