jussie smollett only wants his coffee dark on “empire”

jussie smollett is my guy.
dare i font,
he seems like he’d make a good hubby too.

well jussie was approached about having a white love interest on “empire”.
this was his response on the “the clay cane show” via “the huffington post”

“There was talk about Jamal having a white boyfriend,” Smollett recalled. “And I said, ‘Fuck no!’ Not for any reason, except we have a responsibility and we have a such a beautiful opportunity to show two black men in a relationship together, in a healthy relationship.”

Stressing that his casting view “wasn’t anything against white men,” he continued, “This is what I hope, this is what I want to see and this is what I wish I had seen as a kid. If I had seen certain things as an adolescent, I would’ve had a much different understanding of who I am.”

he’s so dreamy ‘n’ shit.
well i’m glad he spoke up for himself because we need more of “that” on tv.

Blacks folks do date/procreate with other black folks

…especially gay/bi ones.
from a lot of stuff i’ve seen on tv,
most black gay males tend to be paired with some snow/latino wolf/fox.
i don’t know if it’s to make folks comfortable or what.
it’s okay to date/appreciate/celebrate your kind ya’ll.
what someone did to you in elementary/high school shouldn’t reflect all of “us”.
i know that tends to be the excuse for many black males out here.
it’s gonna get to a point we don’t see “black love” on tv anymore.
i think it’s already started.
good to see actors like jussie fighting agaisnt that narrative in their roles.
you’re doing amazing sweetie.

quote taken: the huffington post | siruisxm

8 thoughts on “jussie smollett only wants his coffee dark on “empire”

  1. I discussed this is another thread somewhere I was wondering why a person of color has to be paired up with a fair skinned individual.

    I think a little side eye to my Film Theory course see this problem in more than a few movies and they don’t always involve romantic relationships.

    It’s what they chime in as “White Savior” media. The movie could be about a black person that is headed towards success but they usually have a fair skinned person that pushes them towards their goal. The white writer, the white housewife doing the work of Jesus.

    Of course a white partner would be right of Lee’s Euro only loving fantasy. (He acts like an elitist in person & he probably still is to this day. The vibe I picked up from him seemed to be what some folks might called favoritism to the lighter shades of the rainbow.)

    In ways Jussie is cute. I liked him in The Skinny.

  2. It’s about time someone put their foot down. I’m tired of every time there’s a black gay character in a movie or TV show they always pair them with a white partner. They even did that shit on Insecure with Ahmal, which is suppose to be a black ass show. I’m tired of seeing that shit

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