steven beck is back to dating vixens again?

i don’t know who does steven beck‘s pr,
but all the attentionistos need to hire that person.
i’m sure he doesn’t have one,
but steven beck has this keen ability to keep us talking.
he knows that whoever he’s spotted with,
it’s always gonna be a conversation.
so the foxhole blew up my box during my DND retreat.
and allegedly,
steven beck has a new vixen on his arms.
guess who? via instagram

king amiyah scott,

with a video:

i think amiyah is so pretty.
i love her facial.
i guess demetrius was a passing fancy?

( x see that entry here )
ya know what tho?
i ship it.
i’m sure it’s innocent tho.
they fooled us about her dating kellon deryck that one scheme ago.
she was dating some other wolf in september,
but judging by the deleted video,
it may not have worked out.
steven is the type who is so charismatic,
you kinda end up flirting/touching without realizing it.
those types are fun to be around.
jamari loves those types.
i’ll allow whatever it is that’s going on there.

lowkey: i heard amiyah allegedly tops all her boyfriends.
it doesn’t help with the alleged rumors i’ve heard about steven.

i might watch the sex tape.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “steven beck is back to dating vixens again?”

    1. ^i can see that.
      he gotta keep his name out there.
      his mystery helps too.
      we can’t figure him out so he poses as a rubix cube.

      “is he straight?”
      “is he gay?”
      “how does he make money?”
      “where does he live?”

  1. They have been close for years since when he used to live in Atlanta. I think I remember him referring to her as his big sister.I vaguely recall him posting ,” Check out my big sis Amiyah on her new show “Star” when the show premiered.He would refer to Kellon as his big bro and Amiyah as his big sister.I think they are like family.BTW everytime Amiyah post a pic with a man, people speculate that they are dating.

  2. Whateva keeps your name out there. I ain’t mad at him. Lol
    I would’ve thought he could parlay his “reality TV” stint into something more. That social media “fame” is fading more and more.

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