whitney houston was ruined from the start

whitney houston is the first diva i fell in love with.
i thought she was so beautiful.
she was a staple in my home as i grew up.
her second album,
being the work that introduced me to her.
every time i hear the songs from that epic-ness,
i always think back to my mother playing it while she cleaned on a saturday.
she was a HUGE whitney fan.
she wore that album out,
but it never got old.


matter fact,
it got better each time i heard it.
“the bodyguard” soundtrack was next after that.
during my dnd retreat,
i stumbled upon her “whitney” documentary.
i ended up watching it and…

…it truly broke my heart.
i can go as far as to say that her family,
and even “us” ruined her.

the alleged drug use in her teen years
her mother’s jealousy
alleged molestation from a female relative

being insecure
getting booed for singing “white music” at soul train
meeting bobby brown
robyn being phased out her life
her father suing her
the drug use getting out of control
bobby’s jealousy

so much more drama

… i don’t think whitney had a chance.
she went from being “the voice” to being “the joke” before her death.
as i watched,
i saw all the places she went wrong.
her brothers should never have given her drugs at such a young age.
i wish she woulda stayed with robyn,
she tried.
i think that was the only one who she could trust.
she’s the only one who hasn’t sold her out either.
even though whitney’s family paints her as this lesbionic devil.
even that club owner,
she allegedly met through denzel washington,
would have been a good choice.
bobby brown was her addiction.
don’t even get me started on bobbi kristina.
she legit stood no chance of survival within that world.
i’d love to read your thoughts on it so i’m gonna post it here:


and if you want more detailed bts,
that really chronicles her drug use and bobby’s destruction:


i really want the foxhole to check them out.

lowkey: when you watch,
you can see the light from her spirit dim up until the end.

14 thoughts on “whitney houston was ruined from the start

  1. I agree with you Jamari! Doomed….. The last concert I went to in the Tacoma Dome was a shadow of all the others. She had B.B. come on stage. I turned to my partner and said “You know this is the end of her, as we know her!” And it was… she was a goddess with a voice of the ages and even that was beginning to betray her. I never looked at her the same way again. Miss her voice….

    1. ^i always wanted to see her in concert.
      sadly she started losing her voice when in my early 20s.

      they took the documentary off youtube foxhole.
      sniff around and you’ll find it somewhere online.

  2. I haven’t had the time to sit and watch it but I’ve been meaning too, Whitney is and will remain my fave voice of all time. I just want her to rest in peace her family comes out with a new movie or story about her every year and it just screams money hungry to me.

  3. Many issues plagued Whitney but none more devastating than the genuine lack of love and support of her family. Cissy, Dionne, and Aretha seemed to really resent the success she attained. Success that was far greater than theirs. Davis tried to turn her into the next Diana Ross and they resented that. And she was She was enjoying singing engagement s and acting opportunities that they never did.

  4. My all-time favorite singer and actress, rest in peace. You are missed.

    This film was very insightful as well as thought-provoking. I enjoyed the bits and pieces that not everyone talks about and that was her godly voice. How amazingly blessed she was to not onIy have a voice, but become the voice of a generation. Its a powerful feat. I got so much out of this film and am thankful they made it. To think her family could have supported her in every aspect of her life as she supported each and everyone of them in their lives is saddening. It did not matter what was going on, whitney was always their for them. This movies proves it. She is the definition of a real big sister, daughter, and friend!!!!!

  5. OMG. This is so crazy that you would post this jamari because i have been on a whitney kick lately listening to all her music, watching all of her interview and movies. In fact yesterday was the 20th anniversary of her album My love is your love and you know something I was humming that song the day BEFORE yesterday. So I totally believe GOD is trying to tell me something. Now I just gotta fugure out what this is.

    The documentary is soo extremely sad. I fermly believe that nobody except Bobby and bobbi kris and Robyn actually gave a damn about Whitney. Folks used and abused that woman for all that she was worth and when they felt she wasnt worth anything they tossed her to the side. All in all I think that she was just tired of it all closed her eyes and never woke up……

    Dont you know about a week ago I paid money to see this documentary only to discover last night I could watch it for free on youtube! Ifelt like I got cheated. Lesson learned tho, always search youtube before google play movies.

  6. Yes to all of this! When I saw the movie, I told my friend is like she was never truly happy….except when she was with Robyn. I sat in the car and cried in the parking lot of the theater. I hope she has peace.

    BTW, today is the 20th anniversary of My Love is Your Love (the album)

  7. Whitney Houston was NOT ruined from the start. Everyone in the world has a history, no matter what it is.
    Everyone in the world must be responsible for his or her life after leaving the parents house. Regardless to how we are conditioned by our parents or how we are treated by others. Whitney was a HIGH FUNCTIONING and IN CONTROL drug user BEFORE Bobby Brown. She LOST herself, trying to look small and make him look bigger.
    Bobby says that she cheated on him with TUPAC and that MESSED HIM UP. If Whitney did sleep with PAC, imagine how that SEVERLY BRUISED BOBBYS EGO.
    ANYWAY, Whitney failed herself. She abused her body, abused her voice, and had little reguard for her FIRST MASTER, (God is a Jealous GOD) and disreguarded the precious GIFTED voice that she was blessed with.
    I think Whitney just gave up. She didnt write her own songs, she had to SELL RECORDS but her voice was crap compared to how it was before. She didnt have a contract like Mariah Carey. Whitney was a slave to the music industry…she didnt have the STRENGTH to overcome ALL the DAMAGE that occured. I feel this way. I wonder how much money Clive Davis made after her death.
    Whitney was a grown woman, who ultimately failed herself.

  8. I have always been a huge fan of Whitney. She’s still my favorite singer of all time. When I watched the documentary I was heart broken. I agree that she had so many things that caused her demised. I still To this day listen to all her albums.

        1. Cissy was definitely instrumental in helping develop her God given vocal ability but I could definitely see the jealousy. Even though it will never happen I would love for Robyn to do a interview or her own documentary. You could tell there was a deep love there.

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