Jealousy Makes People Do The Ugliest Things

it bothers me how people can be genuinely grimy.
and for what reason?
do they get paid for this?
i could understand if a check was involved.
but if not, seems like a whole bunch of wasted time.

so every meet vincydiva89:


vincy made partner with youtube where she could start making money with her videos.
i guess as soon as this started happening,
she was suddenly “ugly” and getting disgusting comments/hate mail.
the kicker to why this post was made today was that someone bomb clicked her ads.
bomb clicking means someone clicked them over and over.
you are not suppose to click your own ads to generate any kind of profit.
by doing this, youtube will suspend your account.

whelp, she ended up getting her whole shit disabled.
i felt for her.
she seems like a nice girl…


this is when you become evelyn lozada:

lol jk

naw but seriously vincy,
you cannot allow people to know they broke you baby.
first video you had that nice indian wet ‘n’ wavy.
next video, you crying and looking like you work in a soup kitchen.
out of order!!!!

look, i have gotten hateful comments and mail before.
ask anyone who knows me in real life:


comes with the territory when you trying to be great.
every king and queen needs opposition to their throne.
once people know you don’t give a fuck,
they can’t get to you.
but see, they fucking up your bread.
that’s when you start tracking IP addresses and come to front doors.
put them paws on em, rough em up… know what i’m saying.

one thing i learned in life is to move in silence.
you don’t tell people everything.
just let things happen and do what you are supposed to do.
black people in general suffer from a crab in the barrel type mentality.
this is why we never go anywhere because we keeping pulling each other down.

 i will say this.
i believe in karma.
just pray on it, make a new page, re-upload your videos and start over.
no more crying.
you are a big girl now.

…and you a bk girl too?
i know they do not play down in bk.

5 thoughts on “Jealousy Makes People Do The Ugliest Things

  1. She is a damn fraud she clicked her own damn videos that is why here shit got disabled google only fucks with you if they notice your ip address doing shady things. This bitch aint shit she just looking for sympathy for her ratings to go up. Her channel aint shit that is why she came out here looking like a soup kitchen frequents to get pity. Man you got time if you wrote this shit for this bamboozled broad she aint bk she on some crack is whack tip

  2. Okay I read your response! GOOD advice!

    NEVER tell all of your secrets.

    Sometimes bad things happen to good people. It’s like making a beautiful sand castle and some jerk comes along and kicks it in your face.

    But you have to get back up and wash your face. Regroup and then go to war. You have to have that ‘don’t fuck with me’ mentality too.

    Expect shit to happen but don’t let it get you down.

    What doesn’t kill you WILL make you stronger.

    Like my great grandmother always told me….

    ‘This world can be VERY cold. Buy a coat!’

  3. She’s beautiful with and without the makeup. Never heard of her until a click here but she seems genuine and sweet. Yeah they are some straight up grimy sewer rats in human form breathing the same air as good folks. They usually feel like shit about themselves so they make it their mission to try and make you feel like shit too. Wouldn’t surprise me if the person who did it isn’t right now masquerading as a close friend to her.

  4. People aint shit. DAMN. Poor girl. People are even being hateful on youtube. Hmmm situations like this are why I do without Twitter and Facebook. Ain’t got time for shit like this.

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