Oh That’s My Baby Over There With His Pretty Pussy

tumblr_mm1hgsLDgp1rkjfzno1_500sexy ass duncan james
(who always looks porn ready)
of the brit boy band blue,
had a beard.
shocked face!
actually he had a couple.
not a beard on his face silly.
he had a couple industry chicks playing:

“this is who i want you to believe i’m fuckin'”
duncan admitted who was playing his “girlfriend for the cameras”

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Jealousy Makes People Do The Ugliest Things

it bothers me how people can be genuinely grimy.
and for what reason?
do they get paid for this?
i could understand if a check was involved.
but if not, seems like a whole bunch of wasted time.

so every meet vincydiva89:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yvx8ZY50qi4]

vincy made partner with youtube where she could start making money with her videos.
i guess as soon as this started happening,
she was suddenly “ugly” and getting disgusting comments/hate mail.
the kicker to why this post was made today was that someone bomb clicked her ads.
bomb clicking means someone clicked them over and over.
you are not suppose to click your own ads to generate any kind of profit.
by doing this, youtube will suspend your account.

whelp, she ended up getting her whole shit disabled.
i felt for her.
she seems like a nice girl…

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