J. Cole Rolls Out The Beast

Foxes, I dunno….
He just doesn’t do it for me, but then he does…
He has that kinda situation going on.

He is tall, which is nice.
Toned, which is great.
Very smart and has a good personality, which is awesome.
But, somehow, he fails to make my Foxtail stand up… only when I am really horny.
Am I not seeing the whole Cole?

Here he is for some shots for Rolling Out Magazine.

…. yeah.
He doesn’t really take good pictures, but I have seen him in interviews and he looks damn good.
I’m like at a cross road at Turn On Junction and my car broke down.





Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “J. Cole Rolls Out The Beast”

  1. He teeters on the edge of “cute” and “decent” in my opinion and goes back and forth over that line often. When you compare his picture with that of the currentSEXY on the right you see that there is something “missing” with J. Cole. It’s not to say that there’s something wrong with him. But he just isn’t ALL the way there in terms of cuteness. I’d still give him a chance if he were to talk to me.

    I wonder again about what the effect of being immersed in images of really gorgeous men on the Blogs and on Tumblr has on what we think is attractive?

  2. Oh he’s cute to me.

    I like his voice and his layed back demeanor.

    I don’t need a flawless dude, character can make up for that.

  3. Maybe it’s because he looks like a boy in wolf’s clothing. He hasn’t quite gotten over the hill yet. As he gets older and his face matures more, he’ll become more sexy.

  4. I wanna say he’s cute, but I know that’s just my lightskinned muscular fetish going on. I’m ashamed of that but I can’t help it.

  5. Something about his face does not compliment his body. Like he has a slim body, but a fat-boy face…I’m not sure, but it’s throwing me off.

  6. In my opinion, I think its what J Cole says, that makes him unattractive. Like I would give him and other wolves a chance to show me something different but like his lyrics to be arent very good to me, I’m sorry. I think he really needs himself a good fox to make him more desirable, like sex him up a little.

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