is trump gonna leave the game of thrones peacefully without blowing shit up?

when evil has nothing to lose,
it creates destruction and chaos in order to get its way.
it doesn’t care about who gets harmed in the process.
i learned that in season 6 of “game of thrones“,
a show that mirrored what those will do to achieve power.
good characters turned bad for it.
folks you thought behaved badly redeemed their characters.
when cersei lannister lost everything and was about to go to trial for her sins,
ultimately stripping her of power,
she gathered her competition and each of her enemies in one room…



that was a powerful scene and gives me chills every single time i watch it.
cersei took out all her enemies in one swoop.

Pour a little likka out for Marg tho…
She was one of the good ones…

in doing so,
she was able to remain queen of king’s landing.
another is frank underwood from “house of cards“.
he started a whole war to take the attention off his tarnished reputation.
stay woke.

now “blowing up” doesn’t have to be as dramatic as blowing everyone to smithereens.
there any many ways to rock someone’s shit without physically harming them.
ever since biden has been elected,
that scene randomly popped into my head yesterday.
as everyone celebrates,
i can’t help but wonder what trump card does donny have up his sleeve?
trump is way too calm for my liking.
he has been poking the bear that is his stan base with his cleve wordplay on his loss.
he has 2 more months in that white house.
until biden is sworn in and trump is out

Never take your eye off your enemies.

x remember when everyone thought al gore had won?

in the game of thrones,
you’ll be surprised what will be done when a narcissist is on the verge of losing it all.

lowkey: you’ll be surprised how many celebs funded trump’s campaign.
many who secretly supported him.
there are big deals and blue checks fuming at his loss.

game of thrones baby.

6 thoughts on “is trump gonna leave the game of thrones peacefully without blowing shit up?

  1. As serious and thought provoking as this post is the GoT references are sendinggggg me chile πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ That’s my mfing show right there! It may take place in medieval times, but damn if some of their themes and messages don’t go hand in hand with the present. Trump is literal proof that somebody like Joffrey Baratheon can definitely end up running a country. And omg the “Cersei Causes Armageddon” scene is easily one of GoT’s best scenes. Period. Hated the fuck out of her and she was the ultimate bitch, but damn if she wasn’t a bad bitch. In every sense of the word truly. Imagine if a politician like Cersei actually existed? God bless anyone who tries to cross her πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  2. Losing or being perceived as a loser is basically like death in that family. Think it was the niece who wrote the book against him where I heard that from can’t remember exactly. He’s blowing all the shit up. He’s actually not silent either since he’s still tweeting. His litigation starts next week and if that goes badly he’ll hail mary and ramp up his base to the point of a “moment”. Advisable to be silent on politics irl for the next few weeks.

      1. Same to you. Black folks in particular I just hope understand gotta be their ninja shit right now. If you celebrate do it like a mime. They’ll be quick to off us in the name of cheeto with no repercussions so yea.

    1. No, Trump doesn’t like to lose. He even said that himself. And losing to someone he taunted terribly, that’s just a slap in the face. So because he lost, he is out here touting that they cheated…it was the ONLY way he could lose. Such a delusional fuck. What’s sad is that he has these people out here believing that foolishness.

      Don’t think he’s going away, because that is not the case. He has the Republican party by the balls right now…and he WON’T let them forget it either. They are falling in line with him AGAIN because they know he can turn the base against them with the tap of a keyboard/phone….and they are SCARED. They were saying already that they believe he will run again in 2024, and I do think that he will. He got that taste of power and he likes it.

      He will do some foud shyt on his way out of the door. He will definitely pardon some of his crew on his way out the door! It will be interesting to see if NY can get him and some of his family members convicted once they are out of office.

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