If This Is An Example of How These Baller Wolves Role Play Then…

actorwolveslets say you were casting for a movie…
would you let these four baller wolves audition for you?
well i can see dwight howard in comedy,
michael crabtree in a romance flick,
shawn marion as a side kick in action movie,
and dez bryant in a porno.
well these four auditioned scenes from famous movies for relativity sports,
a division of relativity media,
a film studio that also produces tv and develops scripts plus distribution.
let’s see how they did for “we crush acting”

well they “crushed” all right.
some of them need to stick to their day jobs.
maybe even just one or two lines in a tyler perry flick.
that doesn’t require much acting these days.

lowkey: out of all four,
i will say dwight had the most presence.
doesn’t he always?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “If This Is An Example of How These Baller Wolves Role Play Then…”

  1. They did terrible. Stick to football guys.

    Michael Crabtree looks good lol. I keep forgetting about him.

  2. Dwight killed it! He funny!
    I think Crabtree could actually get an acting gig. He’s attractive…

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