i miss u (and i know i’m not supposed to say it)

when some males leave our lives,
society often tells us that it was for the best.
there is that period at the beginning stage where it was.
you try to convince yourself how awful they were.
like clockwork tho,
they start to creep back in.
they start running around and wreaking havoc on your emotions.
after that happens,
you end up creeping on their various social media.

“Are they happy without me?”
“Did they move on?”
“Are they with somebody better?”

i had a thought over the weekend about how hard it is to truly move on.
you think you do,
but it seems like The Universe (or satan) doesn’t make the moving on process either.
you see their name everywhere,
they dominate your thoughts,
and sometimes you can feel their energy around you.
all your friends look at you crazy if you even utter that you missed “__________”.
we are supposed to move on but…

Are there some guys that you really can’t get over?

is it because they really meant something to you,
you were really addicted to them,
or is it that you felt the vibes and thought there was a connection?
now they’re gone and their ghosts haunt you.
i know you’re supposed to leave him alone but…

What if the connection was so strong that’s hard to move on?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

One thought on “i miss u (and i know i’m not supposed to say it)”

  1. Glad nobody has this hold over me.
    When I look back, I always see things i overlooked because I didn’t want to be lonely.
    True love doesn’t take advantage of you when they’re down and want an ego boost, then abandon you when they get a shot at who they want.

    True friends don’t backstab, undermine and sabotage.

    If someone can just leave my life, then they were there to teach me what the real looks like, but what it’s not. Because the real would stay and grow.

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