alternateview“damn baby come put that ass on daddy.”

i’m tired of fuckin’ this nigga.
well i won’t lie,
the dick is good,
but i need a new baller to fuck.
after fifteen minutes of licking every drop of my dripping pussy,
he wanted me to return the favor.
i’m the type of bitch to make a man eat my pussy,
get a good nut,
and tell him i’m tired.
tonight i was feeling horny for some reason…

as i got on my knees,
i unbuckled devante’s belt slowly.
he liked when i did that slow seductive shit.
made his dick rock hard.
devante parker was a nba player three seasons in his career.
bench rider sadly.
been traded twice in his career.
money is okay as he can afford to pay my rent every month.
we met at the grocery store strangely enough.
i noticed through my peripherals someone following me.
well he followed me until he finally got the balls to ask me for my number in frozen foods.
he was tall,
caramel complected,
and had a set of guns that made me weak.
he isn’t the first baller i’ve met.
i’m what you would call, “exxxotical”.
which means i didn’t looked different.
i’m mixed with black and white.
i like to add cherokee depending on who i’m talking to.
my skin has a lightish yellow tint to it.
with a good weave and make up,
i could easily pass for brazilian.
it also helps that my ass is fat and my tits are ripe.
that usually gets these niggas to beg for my pussy.
i have about 29,000 followers on instagram just for my beauty.
on average,
i can generate about 1200 likes depending on the day.
selfies usually get more.

“baby suck it slow.”

i took the shaft of his dick and positioned it in my wet mouth.
for extra effect,
i sucked on a mint.
he liked that shit.
i was a freak bitch and he knew it.
sure i’ve fucked a few ballers and rappers,
but i try to spread my mileage in this industry.
my career allows me to meet men on the regular.
if its not on a music videos set then its in a vip.
i’ve gotten trips,
and my bills paid.
i want more tho.
i would like the husband,
and a dog named rover.
aaah who am i kidding?
i want to be famous.
i want my baller husband to provide me the same lifestyle as savvanah james.
he can get some kids once i get my mansion.
it’s hard to find that when men just want to use you as a sex toy.
their “bitch of his week”.
so i usually got to out fuck and out maneuver all these hoes for the top spot.
i landed devante.
he isn’t making those kind of baller moves i want.
he has tried to slip the condom off a few times.
i know when he is about to cum,
so i pull him out and then catch his nut in my mouth.
you aren’t trapping me darling.
he’s the man i fuck and pays my bills.
if i’m feeling nice,
i may make him a hot dog.

after i finished giving him some official head,
he picked me up and threw me on the bed.

“i’m going to fuck the shit out my pussy.”

my pussy?
no sweetie.
this is “pussy on loan”.
this don’t belong to you!
he crawled on top of me and started sucking on my titties.
you woulda thought he was a baby.
i started massaging his hard meat in my hand.
he had to be about nine inches strong.
besides his massive penis,
he did have a good heart.
i do know about the hoe in texas though.
one night after i put some death defying pussy on him,
he was completely knocked out.
snoring and shit.
as i was getting up to the bathroom,
his phone was illuminating every two seconds on the floor.
it said “fam” on his caller id.
now ain’t no fam blowing up your phone like that.
after some investigating aka hacking in his entire shit,
i found out that “fam” was really “tiffany”.
tiffany was some chick he met on the road.
an ohio joint.
she worked in the office at quicken loans arena.
well you know these bitches get these kind of jobs to get chose.
she ruined her reputation fucking some hometown player that plays for the cavilers.
nearly lost her job.
devante and her crossed path somehow and he fucked her that day.
he broke her off with some bags and dick whenever he is in the city.
now the bitch is hooked.
i could care less.
as long as he got that money the 1st of the month in my account,
knows who the main is,
and doesn’t give me any diseases,
he can fuck who he wants.
she not gonna last though.
blowing up his phone.
honey i could never…

“you like that baby!
you like that?”

he smacked me hard on my ass.
i pushed my overflowing pussy back harder on that dick.
the sounds of loud skin slapping filled the air.
he used my weave as leverage to drive his dick deeper in me.

“yours!” i screamed.

“naw i didn’t hear you.” he replied, slapping me on my ass again.

“yours baby!”

we were on the home stretch.
he plowed his dick in me one final time and let out a loud moan.
i could feel the condom expand inside me.
he nutted.

“damn that was some good dick.” i said, feeling my body come down from ecstasy.

“naw your pussy does that to me baby.” he collapsed on the bed.

i pulled the condom off his dick and went to the bathroom.
now if i was a scandalous hoe like these others,
i got my turkey baster in the cupboard.
i wanted devante to trust me.
he does.
i play the game good and lowered his guard.

“you really got to work tonight sexy?”

“yeah baby.
these white bitches bailed out this event.”

“damn i wanted to take you to dinner.”

“aww i wish baby! sorry!” i yelled as i turned on the shower.

devante wanted to fuck me again when he saw me in my skin tight black dress.
he also liked how rihanna’s rebelle perfume smelled on my skin.
i literally had to catch an attitude for him to get the message.
he left pissed off,
but he texted:

“don’t give my pussy away tonight.”

what is with this “my pussy” business?
i got him wrapped around my finger.
he knows nothing beats my pussy.
not even miss bum bitch tiffany.

being the supervisor means i need to be there,
on time,
and ready to tell my interns what to do.
public relations is my career.
i went to school for it and because of my go getter attitude,
i climbed that ladder quickly.
i also knew how to adapt to my surroundings.
my “white black girl” voice is used to show the white people i’m not threatening.
some call it fake,
i call it “career move”.
if i acted like some ghetto hood booger bitch,
i wouldn’t have made it as far as i have.
i like to call myself a chameleon,
if you will.
you can call it what you want.

“ok so connie you walk around and pass out company cards.
marisol, you can do door a.
jamari, you’ll be working the door b with me.
now don’t embarrass me please.
thanks bunches!”

i should have bought a coat if i knew i was doing the door.
it is cold as hell tonight.
i can’t afford to miss a potential husband so my girls will sit out tonight.
maybe if i’m lucky,
my nipples will show through my dress.

“call me honey.” an older established black actor said,
smiling at me.
i took his card and smiled back.
his wife literally just went in before he pulled that move.
he has been in the business for fifteen years,
but i hear he is cheap with that dough.
i don’t do a “not spending” nigga.
this pussy ain’t free,
but i’ll call him and see what he got to tell me.
i’m not about to be the whore to a bored husband’s fantasies.
i hear he is fucking his co star anyway.
i’d just be a one night meal.

“wait that’s derrick lampton.
he isn’t on the list.
should we let him in?” jamari asked.

“yes we will.
everyone is welcomed!”

first of all,
that’s derrick hampton.
the newest “it” baller to get drafted.
he has over 60k followers already.
plus the man looks good without a shirt.
the last picture he put up,
he was wearing compression shorts and his print…
i must have masturbated twice.
so hell yes we are letting him in here.
at this point,
fuck devante’s ass.
i would do anything to lock derrick down.
dreams of putting this fire puss on him and pulling a ring out that dick.
derrick means bigger and better.
i want to get that ring,
quit working around these white bitches,
open my own pr company,
with his money,
and get my ass on basketball wives.
evelyn lozada, who?
all i needed was the right baller and here he is.

“god i’m going to fuck his brains out tonight.” i said out loud by mistake.

jamari looked at me in shock.
yeah i said it.
honestly it slipped.
between the vision of the wedding and being the next “nene leakes”
my pussy was dripping wet.

derrick smelled so good as i stood next to him.
i don’t know what he was wearing,
but my thong was literally sliding off my thighs.
god make this man mine.
i’ll be in church next sunday!

“derrick, i have a question.
who is doing your pr?”
i asked,
looking at him in his eyes.

he tried to resist not looking at my cleavage,
but he couldn’t.
“the girls” having honing signals in them.
niggas can’t resist the power of my body parts.

“well i don’t have pr yet,
but my agent is looking into it.”

“oh really?
well we should talk.”

he gave his card to jamari for whatever reason.
well i don’t blame j.
he needs to network as much as he can.
he is black and this is a game.
one that needs to be played well.
he is cool too.
one of my best interns.
i’m honestly sick of the others.

i flipped my weave,
showed my pearly whites,
and laughed at his jokes,
the chemistry seems good.
his stare was intense.
i felt like he was looking in my soul.
maybe i would be the one falling for him?
i don’t even care.
he is my dream.
i could really see myself dating him.

“you single?” he asked suddenly.

“yeah i am.”

devante, who?

“you just too fine. i want to see more of you.”

“oh really?
yeah we should see more of each other.”

“how bout tonight?”

“what did you have in mind?”

“we can go back to my crib.
it’s in jersey though,
but i can have you back before your curfew.”

“i’m a big girl.
i don’t have a curfew.”

“well then lets go.”

“say no more.”

“i didn’t get your name sexy?”


“sexy name for a sexy girl.
nice to meet you.”


i motioned for connie to get over here.

“you’re in charge.
make sure everyone cleans up.
also make sure no interns take any gift bags.
okay hun?

i hussled to get my coat.
i pulled my iPhone out and sent a tweet.

“in love <3.”

as i walked back to derrick
my phone started to vibrate.
it was a text from devante.

“i saw that tweet babe.
im feeling the same.”

“not with you idiot,” i said to myself.

my pussy was ready for the upgrade and i will do anything to get it.

Written By Jamari Fox
(C) 12.20.13 10:57pm

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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    1. ^thanks malcolm!
      that’s just a bonus feature to the story.
      her side of things.
      jasmine has potential.

      ima have to start writing more when im upset.
      it makes me happy.

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