I Don’t Do “Broke” (But I Did and It F*cked Me Hard)

bad-lucklast week was pretty much the week from hell.
like i said in another entry,
it was emotionally draining for me.
everything was going wrong in like waves.
my job was a mess,
which is never surprising,
and then the lynching of those black wolves really set me off.
i was thrown into a worse depression than i was.
  the devil wasn’t through with me yet tho…

my keyboard on my travel laptop broke last week.
i have two,
but i use the travel laptop more.
random buttons started not working like the other bigger one,
which i use to only play music and access other files.
as that aged,
it got slower and slower as well.
“t” was the first one to randomly go on my travel laptop.
i had to press it like a million times to get it show on the screen.
after that,
half the vowels started to fail in that row.
“o” was a goner,
“i” and “u” followed.


i called apple and scheduled to bring it in last friday after work.
when i got there,
it was packed like hell.
after a little wait,
they told me i would have to send my laptop out.
i was also low-key accused of spilling liquid on it.
i had to check that snow bunny real quick.

nah pink lady.
i definitely don’t drink around my laptops.


since it was under warranty,
unlike the other big one,
it would be fixed for free.
she said if they found liquid damage,
they would re-quote me.

they wouldn’t be finding anything so this should be free.

kl0foSPi ended up buying an external keyboard for my other laptop the same night.
since the buttons don’t work on that,
i still needed to write and update the foxhole.
i also needed to send my resume to a snow bunny i met about a new gig.
i couldn’t be “laptopless” for a week.
well as soon as i thought i was in the clear,
my old laptop started re-starting on me.

wtf is happening?
is it “fuck jamari fox” week?

tumblr_inline_mz7e4gN3bi1r6ky92it made me step away and take a semi mental break.
i honestly just wanted to sleep all day,
but i know that only leads to something much worse.
so i will make an effort to make this work,
even though something is trying to put me down.
get this monkey off my back!
it won’t end well for you!
i mean it!
*shakes fist*

thank you for being patient with me as i kinda get this together.

lowkey: i cannot wait for church today.

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8 thoughts on “I Don’t Do “Broke” (But I Did and It F*cked Me Hard)”

  1. Damn, I feel u bruh…keep paddling on your side and I’m doin’ my part ova here and we’ll make it off this boat!

  2. Aww keep your head up it will get better sooner than later, also good luck with this job hunt hopefully you can get this job.

    1. ^still grindin for this new job e!
      it will happen!
      the job will be so much better and present better opportunities for my career growth!
      keep on praying for me!

  3. Awww stay strong I know what it feels like when your computer is giving you problems . My old laptop started doing the same thing I had to use the onscreen keyboard to type. Then it wanted to act up on me I got so mad I punched the screen damaging it more (don’t do that). 😓😓

    Its annoying as hell when these things happen becauses these pcs and phones are a big chuck of our lives. So when they have problems we have problems. Good Luck

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