“I Do Construction”

So I have been spending some time with a particular friend. One of which is more, shall we say, “open” than the rest of my usual Fox trot posse. I am starting to mingle more within this life (than my straight friends) and picking and choosing people to spend that time with. You’ll know if you are a winner if we chill again.

It started yesterday. A friend of mine (female) wated to go out on a date. I was at Open’s crib, in the back in his bedroom, talking to her on the phone and trying to find a good restaurant online. Open and his boy left and went to go get something to eat.

When they returned, I heard an array of voices laughing and cracking up. I knew the two voices already but once was much deeper than the others. Much, much, much deeper.

So I go get my coat and walk into the living room to leave and there was this random thick dude smiling in my face, as well as their smiling faces. He was okay cute. Nice. Smile. Wearing a fleece and a trucker hat. I would say a caramel complected dude. Whatever.

“Where you going Jamari?” Open asked, looking at his cell phone.
“On a date.” I replied, trying to figure out who this random negro was, sitting on the couch next to Open.
“Oh, you going to go get some dick?” Open asks, smiling.

I was a little thrown off because Open is a lot more bolder than I am + he said it in front of some strange dude sitting on his couch!!!

“Naw. I’m going on a date….. with a girl.” I replied, “Not really what I am looking for but hey, it’s a free meal.”

They all laughed and I bounced.

Random Thick Dude could not get enough of eye fucking me on that couch. As I was speaking to Open, his whole mouth was open. Grinning and giggling at me. I even caught him trying to head nod me when we locked eye contact.

So when I got home to my crib from my date, I called Open to find out what was the scoop. Apparently, dude was at the corner store and when Open walked in, he said “Damn”. Open kinda has a fat ol sweet and sour ass and it attracts a lot of pests. Open’s friend heard him say “Damn” and they both plotted that dude might get down. Not like dude wasn’t staring and smiling and all that. Random Thick Dude wanted to chill and all that so he went and bought some liquor and went back to Open’s crib. After I left, they were talking and drinking. Random Thick Dude is married with 2 kids, works construction up the street, and was horny and wanted to open Open. He also wanted to have a three some with Open and his boy – and wanted me to come back so it could be a foursome (Hecky Naw!).

He pulled his dick out in the living room and said he was horny after a couple of drinks. Open said he had a big ass dick that he wanted to test drive. Open took him to his room and sucked on it while his boy watched, but did nothing and BAM – that was their night. Open wanted to fuck him but he did not do the proper cleaning requirements that would allow that big ass dick to formally meet his big ass.

All this time I am out having dinner and a movie with a beautiful young lady (who paid for everything) LOL.

Crazy huh?

Later Foxes

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  1. Santonio Holmes is now in New York so keep youe eyes open ….. he defintely will be out looking and his favorite postion is in the back of his range rover…


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