I Always Assumed Role Playing With A Baller Wolf Was Like This

Valentines Day, Erik Coleman, NFL free safetyi feel like role playing tonight.
put the mask on daddy and tack…..
*lands on bed with him on top*
…le me.

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “I Always Assumed Role Playing With A Baller Wolf Was Like This”

    1. Jamari Fox wrote “^so that picture happens to be erik coleman and his wife,
      she happens to be white.” Of course, she doesn’t just “happen” to be white. The level of self-hatred is so high among African Americans that it’s no happenstance or co-incidence when they marry non-blacks. The society is suffused and permiated with white supremacy and black inferiority. Therefore, these dudes (who chose their spouses and girlfriends) chose ones with light skin vs dark skin, ones with stingy hair vs tightly coiled hair, ones with pointy noses vs broad noses, ones with thin lips vs full lips and ones with green or blue eyes vs ones with brown or dark eyes. You see in the sentence just before this, the first features were “white” features and the second features were “black” features. These rich dudes can get the best house, the best car and even the best wine. Due to incultated and absorbed white racism/self-hate, they want the best women, which to them is white (or other racial/ethnic group) and certainly not black. Studies have shown that a dark-complected black woman’s chances of getting married are slim to none. Self-hatred/internalized white racism runs deep!

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