How To Act Like U Like Women

This gentleman will teach you how!


17 thoughts on “How To Act Like U Like Women

  1. I love that clappin shit. Perhaps it was a bit much, but that ass had me jackin something fierce!!! Is is on pat w/ Jstrokes, rico strong, nat turnher or brian pumper? Hell no. Bur itz still sweet!!! Lol

  2. I don’t care what any of ya’ll say: that’s a great-looking ass. I could watch that all day.

    1. Didn’t say it wasn’t a nice azz; just that clapping ish was too much. That was a turn-off, but maybe I’m in the wolf-minority…

  3. and that like women dont hold a towel over their chest as if they have titties and are trying to be discreet…SMH

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