a lot of folks are hired for sex work and do not realize it.
you go hook up with someone and a hidden camera is right there.


they are cashing in and you didn’t get a cut.
i meanzzzzzzz….
if you need to get paid if you’re gonna guest star in someone’s show.
gregory turner was gonna turn his co-workers into guest stars on onlyfans…

The man Daphne Police said was secretly recording his co-workers in an employee bathroom has bonded out of the Baldwin County Jail.

Gregory Turner, 28, was arrested Monday after the discovery of a tiny camera in the employee restroom at a Daphne business.

“An employee there went to the men’s room and thought he saw something odd, a pen that was out of place, so he picked it up and examined it and determined it was a camera,” said Sgt. Jason Vannoy. After turning it over to the police, it was pretty easy to determine who put the pen there, according to Vannoy. “When it was turned on it was actually recording him placing the camera where he wanted it.”

Turner allegedly told police in a statement that he planned to post the videos on his OnlyFans account, a website where subscribers pay to view content. At this point in the investigation, police don’t believe any of the videos recorded on the pen camera ever made it online. “We have reason to believe that because of how the camera is manufactured that it wasn’t accessed prior to us finding it,” said Vannoy.

In a day and age when cameras are almost everywhere, the one place they are still off-limits is a bathroom. “Unfortunately some people use technology in bad ways and this is what we get from it,” said Vannoy. Turner was arrested and charged with four felonies, one for each victim recorded on that tiny little camera.

There is the potential for more charges. Police are looking at Turner’s laptop, external hard drive and cell phone for any other illegal recordings.

this is the pen in question:

the scariest takeaway is a camera could be in a pen.
imagine if he didn’t get caught and posted those videos on onlyfans?
you the co-worker with the biggest penis would be the star.
would there be special prices for scat and pee videos too?

some of the best scenes i’ve seen are those with hidden cameras.
see: lady que and dikksukka.
i think the reasoning is people are more natural and it’s more “real”.
i always wondered if this ( x situation ) was a dl caught on a hidden camera?
when people know a camera is there,
they end up doing too much and trying to be everything all at once.

Recording people in bathrooms in public places tho…

in this day and age,
he would have made a grip doing that.
i’m glad he was caught before someone learned they’re a star the hard way.

lowkey: i guess we always need to assume we are being recorded?

article cc: wkrg


  1. I’ve seen these videos on twitter and my question is how do so many men be jacking off sitting bare ass on the toilet seat in public

    It always boggles my mind how many men are caught watching porn letting it rip in a store? Anyway he’s a weirdo but onlyfans made a rule where you have to tag your costar so idk how he was planning to post it

  2. This isn’t horrifying and going to keep me up at night. I swear I need a former CIA agent to date me and sweep my apartment and all gifts for “bugs”.

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