Go Fund Jeremy

a0x8vothanks f-bi for sending me this.
well i guess i was right when i said he would get a fund raiser…
now which one of the foxhole donated?
come on.
stand up.
yeah my team ain’t crazy.
here are some comments:

if any straight wolf wants to get easy pussy,
head right —>>> HERE

lowkey: along the JAILBIRD part of his situation,
further investigation reveals “not interested” from my end.
he isn’t cute outside that one picture.
booking obviously has good lighting.
just masturbate to that one flick and call it a day.
if he gets a reality show out of this,
i may just vomit.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Go Fund Jeremy”

  1. The “Light Bright Affect” at its finest. He light, bright, and damn near white with blue eyes and exotic features so of course women are going to thirst.

    Furthermore, I don’t believe shit mothers of criminals have to say about their kids. They’re often so biased their kids could murder 12 people and put them in the basement and they’d defend their actions.

  2. You must note that this behavior is not uncommon at all. There are tons of tv specials dedicated to things like this-where ppl go lusting after alleged criminal men who happen to get public recognition. Do not forget the “free jahar” movement of the 2013 boston bomber from literally thousands of ppl who didn’t know him but they just “knew in their spirit he could never do anything like this”. Ppl are attracted to not only the man and his probable innocence but also the dangerous crime associated w/him, even if they say its not true.

    S/N: this is the first time ive heard of ppl coming out like this to defend a non-famous black man for an alleged crime, is it maybe b/c he’s lite skin w/blue eyes? Cause they’ve had other attractive black males shown but never got this response

  3. when you have 300 odd million people living in any one area you MUST find at least 2000 assholes who will do anything to feed a need they lack. In this case all they need is the prince charming, the man of their dreams to ride in on a white horse to sweep them off their feet.

    This is what this baby blue eyes do . He is their prince charming so lets shell out some money. Color his face black and see what happens. Its the innate racism in most people at work. Anything BROWN and blue eyes must be sent from heaven. It is not something they see often and when they see it, their sexual appetite shoots through the roof.

    This nigga has fooled a lot of people, male and female with his one weapon, his natural genes- chiseled cheeks, brown skin and blue eyes.He has managed to lure people in his web of looks and deceit and won the game. He will continue to do so and even when he gets out of jail there will be more people who will want their desires taken care of, and he certainly will oblige. He is not in love with anyone but himself. I dont blame him. I blame the mother fuckers who fall for this nigga!

    1. He is just soooooo…..ugh to me, I just don’t get the appeal. I’ve never obsessed over the blonde hair or blue eye thing as others have. I say “oh they are nice and keep it moving.” When I arrived here yesterday and saw the picture I was just so unaffected by it lol.

    2. I don’t even know if he is fooling anyone. People are just stupid. He isn’t playing this up. In fact the interview I saw with a reporter he pretty much said of, thanks when he found out he’s a star. They say his wife is livid that people are making this a joke.

      He took a good mug pic but in the pics of him in court. He cuts a real sad figure.

      1. ^this is actually really sad frosty.
        like there are good lookin men who are on the grind for more.
        they have no records and trying to make something of their life.
        yet this characters already got a stack in donations?
        i can’t.

      2. Thirsty? Nah Frosty, these women are dehydrated, starving, and panting like dogs.

    1. Females ready to put up their houses n shit. They donated their last five dollars, while their newborn needs formula.

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