What To Do After You Get Broke Off

tumblr_m084y3qKZw1rom9flo1_500in your life,
when luck is by your side,
someone might break you off with a little sumin’ sumin’.
you may or may not know how to handle it.
many baller wolves are pretty giving.
well that depends on if you aren’t a cum dump.
let say you play your position and you meet a baller wolf,
of any profession,
and he decides to break you off with a little cash.
what will you spend it on?
here is a le luxe le fox tip i personally follow…

recently i was given a monetary blessing for christmas from a baller wolf.
now i could have been some simple hoe and bought some kicks,
but i know i’m in between blessings with rent to pay.
my fridge maybe bare,
but i have a roof over my head for another month.

TavonAustinTerioif ANYONE gives me money,
as much as i like to buy cute shit,
i make sure my bills & rent are taken care of first.
i know you noticed the trend with these hot n happenin’ hoes out here.
they will immediately go buy some shit to floss on instagram.
like, muthafucka you live in the projects tho.
i say depending on how much you get,
make sure your bills are paid for the month and you can eat.
also take 10% of that money and put it in savings to stack.
i learned my lesson about not having money for a rainy season.
you would be surprised how many hoes i’ve met that don’t even have a debit card.
i like to think survival.
i’m not saying don’t buy cute shit,
but you don’t want to be homeless in cute shit.
also if you live with your parents,
take it from me,
they will not be here forever.
shit can happen.
you also don’t want to be the broke hoe,
depending on meeting different wolves every night,
to buy you a happy meal and pay your phone bill.
all while you sleeping on someone’s couch and borrowing their clothes.
not hot.
a true fox makes sure he uses his head.
in the good way.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “What To Do After You Get Broke Off”

  1. I don’t care for the latest clothes and kicks so the money would just stay with me until I needed to pay a bill or get some food.I know someone who recently had their shit shut of.They had the money to pay it but instead of doing that, they bought themselves a Christmas gift.It’s funny because that person is always complaining about needing to get caught up with bills.Next time I see that person complain, I’m just gonna roll my eyes.Some people do not have their priorities straight.

    1. ^you would be surprised zen.
      i know someone who went and bought a ps4 for christmas just because.
      can’t afford it but hoping his tax money will rescue him.
      i had to hit rock bottom to learn the importance of finance.
      i never thought I would be let go from my job either.
      i learned a lot these last two years.

  2. Its sad but so many of us have grew up in survival mode and have the mentality that money is to be spent immediately on instant gratification. Most people are not aware of how money works and the psychology around it. The Instagram superstars use it to buy self esteem that they need by getting likes. Many of us go so long without it that when we do get a windfall we foolishly spend it. Just think of upcoming tax season, you are going to see so many pretenders and ballers for a month until spring hits, and then they will broke again, not realizing that if you invest that money and play like you never had it, after 10yrs you would be sitting on a nice windfall. I had a relative who did this and was able to make a large down payment on his current home and he still never spends his income tax. If I got a windfall right now, I would use it to purchase a vacation to take at a later date and save the rest. Its nothing wrong with wanting the nice things of life, but you have to know how to prioritize to get the most bang for your buck especially in this rough and tough economy.

  3. Preach! Everybody knows I love dope things, but I’m not a fool to not take care of my bills and necessary things first. That should just be common sense honestly.

  4. Tbh, I’m cheap (i’ll admit it) so that money would be going away for a long time. But I understand wanting to stunt and floss. Nothing wrong with buying something nice, as long as the bills are taken care of, food is in your stomach, and you have a lil cushion (bigger the better) for a rainy day. They really should have money management courses as a requirement in schools (tho im not sure how much good it will do, but they should try anyway).

  5. No new cute shit until after you have at least six month’s expenses in the bank. As a minor baller, more accustomed to being the payer rather than the payee, my experience is that the cute shit is not important to the baller. Only other foxes/ vixens give a shit. Worse, the cute shit is often an inadequate attempt to fill a bottomless self- esteem hole in the fox/ vixen in question. Moreover, one way to tell a jump- off from wifey has to do with finance. If he/ she can’t handle their own money, keep them as far away as possible from yours!

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