Fox Relationship Goals (2)

RiAynAnBTi love kissing.
kissing is a requirement in a relationship with me.
hells i’d rather kiss than have sex.
kinda like this…

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 7.39.05 PM

tumblr_lksb8fWJ7X1qekn5ho1_500i felt every nerve ending in my body watching that.

Author: jamari fox

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24 thoughts on “Fox Relationship Goals (2)”

  1. Oh yes J! I was having this discussion with someone the other , they were talking bout they don’t like kissing and wouldn’t kiss during sex….. ummm negative I love kissing ! It actually a turn off for me if someone can’t / won’t kiss, it’s so bad that that i rather my porn with kissing in it lol. It’s just a sensuality attached to it that is a major requirement.

    1. I’m with you Solar Fox!
      Kissing is the door to everything else with me! If you don’t/won’t kiss me, then we’re done here! Lol!
      It is a prerequisite LOL!

  2. I love kissing as well…its a requirement and if I’m going to sleep with someone you better believe he is mapped out as a ride a die, till death do us part companion. Looking at that video, you can’t go by looks and demeanor to declare a man is straight

  3. Damn that just about took my breath away lol. I’m very much the same. Kissing, touching, and anything intimate is much hotter than sex to me.

    1. Yes! I prefer the sensual/passionate stuff. Touching, kissing, foreplay etc.

      I just need that stimulation or it’s stagnant. I’m a “lips” person too, so yeah, we need to be kissing lol!

  4. I think a lot of people would be surprised that a good make out session can be be better than the actual act sometimes.

      1. I can count on one hand how many people I’ve kissed on the lips and that’s only because they kissed me, except for one. It’s just very personal, where as I was just there to fuck.

      2. LOL! @The Man boy you are dangerous!

        @ JAY Ah I see. I feel you with it being personal, I wouldn’t even fuck someone if it wasn’t personal as it was. I need that sense of familiarity before I would even kiss someone as well, let a lone fuck them (or them fuck me). Not about that stranger life lol!

  5. In today’s “hook-up” world many don’t kiss because that’s too intimate. They just go to the lesser intimate act of sex/penetration and be sure to wrap it up/use a condom.

  6. Kissing is most definitely a plus for me and sort of a necessity with hookups unless the person has a buttaface. I have met a couple of dudes who agree but they were so used to dudes not kissing they were pleasantly thrown off when I did. One dude wanted to go straight down on me then I kissed him and he was hella surprised. Y’all messing with the wrong dudes. Lol . I feel the split is 50/50. I met a dude who said he would rather go down on a person than kiss them. I changed that. To ME, giving head is extremely intimate and submissive. I am not wired for submission . But if you kiss me right …But I have heard from straight woman and gay men they would go down before they kiss. It’s been in rap songs and all too. Somewhat puzzling. I say somewhat because I won’t kiss any woman. Have to be my lady or really into you.

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