For My Wolves Who Are Kinda Hungry Now….

This is an “off the record WOLF MEAT.
I just knew my boys would be feeling a little hungry after the last entry,
so I bought you guys some snacks like the good host of the brothel that I am.
Don’t eat it all at once….

I love O-Cakes.
But, wouldn’t be it funny if O-Cakes was actually a Wolf?
You know God does has a funny sense of humor.
Plus, I overheard Nelly and Bow Wow in conversation:

so I’ll go now before you hurt me.

9 thoughts on “For My Wolves Who Are Kinda Hungry Now….

  1. That ass is nice which shows that he is a fox or a hybrid. Dem cheeks been spread a few times

  2. *hollering* at that Nelly/Bow Wow gif!! That azz don’t make no sense…smh

  3. We’d be perfect together. He could eat mine. I could eat his. And because we both have ass and body, nobody would know who was the wolf.

    …anybody got his number? I have a phone call I need to make.

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