f0xmail: The Straight Wolf Who Recogzined His Gay Self

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hi jamari love your blog. i am sort of in a bad situation. i am 17 and in high school this guy i had a crush on i found out doesnt want to be around me because he thinks i am gay. he acted very standoffish and that kinda clued me in. it really hurt my feelings. i never tried to come onto him or do anything suspect. from the first time he met me, he acted weird. he would sigh or turn his eyes when i would come towards him. not to mention he hangs with a bunch of catty females who also talk about me. how do i get past this?  funny enough, people think he is gay also even though he is masculine and he hates gay people. i dont get it.

the picked on fox


Well thank you, picked on!
I love when you guys send me questions.

He sounds like a closet case to me.
He hangs with catty females plus he pre-assumed you were gay?
You should be THANKFUL that you aren’t involved in the bullshit.
You would have probably regretted it.
Give those types two years… or two beers.

Also, say to yourself that situation was HIS loss.
Feel sorry for him.
He missed out on a good person with his assumption.
Take the L and keep on pushing.
I am sure he will recognize it later on.

No need in wasting energy on assholes.
You will always be shitted on.

Remember: you can’t and shouldn’t feel bad if someone can point out something you already do.
You are not for everyone and everyone sure isn’t for you.
So don’t sweat the small stuff.


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9 thoughts on “f0xmail: The Straight Wolf Who Recogzined His Gay Self

  1. @The man ….the same is happening with me, this guy from the first time , he saw me i knew that he was into some shit with me, i use to wear black glasses and every time that turn to look at his direction he was staring at me and a soon as i look back he stop starring at me and look at the other side , but he is fine and got some good cakes, not so big like mines but, hes cute, and now he stop starring at me, sometimes i just don’t know what to do, should i move on or what? cuz he always stare at me every time , and when i look at him he stop staring.. sorry for my grammar im from Brazil….. BTW LOVE UR BLOG

  2. lets remember we’re giving advice to a 17 year old. no bueno on the gif jamari. and (though they have free will) you may want to invest in an 18+ graphic of some sort. just a thought. miss you guys.

  3. It’s high school, so don’t worry – it’s not the end of the world. You’re just starting, but recognize what that kind of catty behavior looks like so you avoid it when you get to college & beyond. Oh, and just because someone looks masculine doesn’t mean they’re not bytch-azz inside – don’t let appearances fool you.

    No matter what someone says, watch their actions….that’s the true measure of a person & what they’re about – especially dudes. Brush him off & don’t pay him any mind – I bet he’ll start sweating you then…just don’t fall for the okey-doke. Good luck!

  4. Hell yea that nigga is a closet case. Those niggas that hang with females all the time kill me. I bet those girls talk about you because ol dude talks about you when he’s around them. He doesn’t like you because his gaydar picks up on you, that’s right, he knows you’re down for sure. Some dudes in this lifestyle have a vibe that gets the attention from other DL dudes. Something like this happened to me when I was a Junior in highschool. It was this dude who was a Freshmen, he was convinced that I was gay, but our situation was different than yours. This dude hung around nothing but niggas, but he would pull females. I was good with females too in highschool, so I don’t know what was up with him thinking that when he didn’t know me like that. When he was by himself, he would sneak looks at me when I walked past him, I hate that shit. It was obvious to me that he was down. He was attractive, but who wants to be with someone who is in denial about themselves, hopefully he’s more mature now, but I doubt it. Yeah, I’m on the DL, but I’m not in denial about my sexuality.

        1. ^also even being with a Wolf like that = explosion.
          sure the dick would probably be something nice,
          but his extraness would be a turn off.
          NEVER be a slave to that.

          a confident d/l man is better than an insecure one.

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