everyone is scared to get canceled for playing hogwarts legacy

When I go spying on wolves that I was into,
or past friends that hurt my feelings,
I get triggered and sad…

That is my fault.

I can’t blame anyone for indulging in my triggers.

this is how i feel about the outrage over the harry potter spinoff game,
hogwarts legacy.
as you know,
or didn’t,
jk rowling is not the most liked person these days.
you can do your research as to why.
i’ve had ga(y)mer friends scared to play the game for fear of being canceled.
( x these streamers got bullied for streaming the game )
my thoughts…

If you want to play the game,
play the game.

as adults who pay their own bills,
this shouldn’t even be a discussion.
i hate to break it to people but the game is gonna get played,
even if people do it in secret.
if people care so much about being “canceled”,
they’ll play it privately (which might be much worse tbh).
folks will learn how to keep secrets and sneak around.
it’s like white vixens who were protesting trump but still voted for him.

Harry Potter is a world that many people grew up in.

even though i thought those books were big as hell,
i know stans who read those books faithfully.
the game has been getting good reviews too.
( x see reviews here )

Twitch streamer,
has been playing the game since yesterday at around 5 pm or so.
He is legit into it and has maintained over 80k viewers since.
( x see him STILL playing it here )

so regardless of what the protestors think about jk rowling,
nothing will stop others from enjoying what they enjoy.
when did we go back to high school to get bullied and harassed?
and honestly…

If we start banishing one thing,
we gonna fall down the rabbit hole of banishing everything.

and God knows what else.

at that point,
we’ll be living in the woods and eating berries all day.

3 thoughts on “everyone is scared to get canceled for playing hogwarts legacy

  1. It’s just people on the internet thinking they have more power than they do. It was obvious the game was going to do good. It’s Harry Potter. It’s a cultural main-stay like Star Wars and other fictional worlds.

    I knew some people were gonna act up because attention is a helluva drug. But come on now. Motherfuckers fighting already lost battles. This was not it. Anybody with a sane mind knew this wasn’t the battle to wanna fight. They’re only wasting their own time.

  2. I am about to buy me a Gryffindor scarf that’s on sale.

    Y’all still eat at Chick-Fil-A and Popeyes!

    Miss me with that until we get a Black fantasy film franchise established, husheth.

    I’m all for Afrofuturism but I still insert myself into white people fantasy because that’s what’s available.

    Like chile, bye.

    This game is exactly what I wanted. The Harry Potter game for GameCube was so meh and had so many things I couldn’t explore. I wanted an open-world fantasy game, so Imma play it.

  3. Oh wow. Damn I don’t like JK as a person anymore either but it is undeniable how big of a impact Harry Potter had on my life and MANY others when I was a child. Even now since the movies are still some of my favorite fantasy movies ever in life. JK is ignorant af but my love for Harry Potter will always remain. And I will most definitely be playing this game first chance I get to purchase it. I’m sorry.

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