jonathan majors bawdy just ruined my life for valentine’s day and i don’t even care

i love a good valentine’s day shoot.
even if some of us are alone,
we can stay warm with a fine-ass wolf seducing us on paper.
acting wolf,
jonathan majors,
will be doing the seducing this year.
the biceps in ^that picture made me fall back in my chair but this

this made me fall to my knees.
Jesus H. Christ.
i don’t even know what else to font.
you want more?

( x check out his ebony article here )

the video associated with the article >>>>

he has a new movie coming out that i wanna see tho.
he is playing a mentally troubled workout warrior in “magazine dreams“.
via ( x deadline ):

Majors has gone all-in physically and emotionally to transform himself into the equally extreme Killian Maddox. An aspiring amateur bodybuilder, Maddox is socially awkward and slavishly devoted to the solitary pursuit of body culture, and the drama traces how his obsession plunges him down the proverbial rabbit hole in an effort to be noticed for his physique.

^this one seems like it’s gonna be a good one.
i know many on ig who will be able to relate to it.

10 thoughts on “jonathan majors bawdy just ruined my life for valentine’s day and i don’t even care

  1. I do find it interesting that Johnathan majors is not getting a lot of attention seeing how he is slated to be in some major projects coming down the line from creed 3 to being a major villain in the Marvel cinematic universe. I think we are honestly at a point where people will accept an interracial relationship, but they will not embrace it, and there is a huge difference between the two. I think you need the embrace to truly excel. Also, I think it’s weird, we live in a different time; it’s not the 80’s, 90’s, or early 2000’s; there is a real fight for black lives, families, children, relationships, even if you have a preference you might want to at least go the Michael B Jordan route and get a black partner for a minute.

  2. Jamari💖I am glad you are back.💖
    If Jonathan Majors we’re to walk a ball, this would be 10-10-10-10-10.
    The newbies and thirst trappers should take notes and learn well. This is sensual, erotic, tantalizing. And that big sexy country nose, those lips. WOWSKI!💖💕💖

  3. How ” Ironic” that they would use a Black man who dates “Basic Becky’s”. for a Black Publication with Black Readers. The Editor should have researched. We live in a day of Social Media folks. These Black Heartthrobs who want our attention, support and likes would not choose you ( if you’re a person of color ) in real life.

    On the Gram, I always check in the Profile “ who a person follows”. If I don’t see ‘Black and People of Color in their “Follows”, I refuse to follow.[ This is a personal choice]

    In the back of my mind, I want my crush to a least like someone ( Male or female ) who looks like me. Chances are I will never ever meet my crush, but being human is having the wonderful ability to fantasize and dream. ( smile)

    1. Lol So if he dates a white Woman publicly that means He’s never dated Black Women or hates His Blackness? We dont know who that Man has smashed or dated off camera lol.That kind of thinking doesn’t make any sense. So we have to only date within our race to please the aesthetics of other Black people? I’m only interested in Black Men but I’m not upset if I see one with a White Man or Woman. 90% of Black Men date and marry Black Women contrary to the lllusion of Hollywood. There’s too many demands from Black people regarding how Black celebs should be

      1. Malcolm, there isn’t exactly much good Black love representation in Hollywood(Beyonce/Jay-Z/Will/Jada..nope!), so it’s not odd to want to see it in actors who are prominent or that you respect. Black men date out at a higher rate than Black women, but expect Black women to be loyal to them and are one of the few groups known to denigrate Black women to uplift others, so…….how he feels is valid.

    2. haha, my problem is when they takes roles rooted in Black love. Jay Ellis became so unsexy to me because I knew him from The Game and Insecure.

      My thing is there’s such a huge gap between Black and white. Nobody brown. Always somebody white passing, but look at Jordan Peele and Donald Glover with their films and TV shows. So you can be pro-Black whilst not dating Black.

      And he’s here for your acting entertainment not to showcase his love life. I know I’d be pissed if the internet was in my bedroom and not my projects, so let’s just let them live.

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