Dreams Shattered About Seeing “Black Panther” This Weekend

we literally have 5 days until we have our psychotic meltdowns.
“black panther” comes out this friday.
it’s already ( x breaking records ) ahead of it’s release..
when i hit up the pretty vixen,
who agreed with me to go opening weekend a few weeks ago,
she gonna tell me…

“i have no interest in seeing it…”

dreams shattered.
i really wanted to black on her,
but God has truly been working on me.
i woke the fuck up from that dream and got pro-active.
you know how long i’ve been talking/fonting about this movie?
i went ahead and did something else.


the tickets are pretty much sold out when i want to see it,
which is friday night.
i figured we would go see it after work and then hit up a restaurant.
i’m sure i’ll want to dissect over a nice dinner.
you always gotta be prepared in life for plans to change.
in my self work,
i’ve realized i need to start doing more things alone.

i go to work alone
i shop for groceries alone
i shit alone
i write this blog alone

i can’t get too mad anyway.
i bail on folks when i don’t feel like doing shit.
this is a “me” year and i’m killing the neediness of needing someone to do shit with.
i need to learn how to appreciate my own company anyway.

lowkey: a vix-bi sent me this…

I know we all are excited about going to see “Black Panther” but I think the fact that we’re broadcasting our excitement and this whole “black power” movement is getting some people worked up. It’s so much hate out here towards our people especially with the orange dictator in office that I just feel a little uneasy about going to see it in theaters, maybe I’ll just wait until it comes out on firestick !

the thought did cross my mind,
but all i can say is beware of your surroundings.
know your exits and always be prepared.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Dreams Shattered About Seeing “Black Panther” This Weekend”

  1. They scary asses ain’t coming anywhere where there’s large multitudes of Black and Latino people. You ain’t never heard of a mass shooting or attack in predominantly black areas or districts plus we can’t live in fear

    1. ^there was that church shooting during bible study.
      snow jackal walked up in there,
      waited until they were done praying,
      and started shooting.
      his reasons was to incite an alleged race war!

  2. I am waiting a week for various reasons. Cause frankly my people don’t know how to control themselves in the theater god bless us…. *insert Brenda from Scary Movie here*… and the rugrats running up and down the aisle crying. No… I think Black Panther will have a decent run… I can wait.

    I go to the movies alone all the time… if I had to wait for someone to accept a movie invitation I would never go.

    1. That’s some black people and not all. Plus whites make more noise at sporting events and etc it’s just deemed socially acceptable when they do and frowhed upon when we do so

      1. Yeah at sporting events most white guys become drunken idiots…but they always get away with shyt. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost gotten into fights with drunken idiots at sporting events. Deal with the white idiots inside the arena, then I have to deal with black idiots outside the arena.
        I don’t even go anymore.
        I’ll watch from the comfort of home…plus the view is better.

        but movies…I have no problem going alone. Most of my friends and family don’t care for superhero movies/sci-fi films, which I love…so they won’t go to the movies if I asked. My one cousin, he and his family moved to ATL years ago, so my movie buddy is gone.

  3. Jamari, I feel the exact same way. The theaters will undoubtedly be filled to carrying capacity anyway….and I bet it’ll be nothing but white people. I don’t wanna watch a movie about people that look like me with people that look like them surrounding me.

    1. ^i think a lot of black folks are gonna be at this movie.
      we are the driving force between the word of mouth and promotion.
      i really think it’ll be more “us” than anything else.
      if it’s like how it was when i went to see “why did i get married”,
      we may fill the theaters at night.

  4. Lol. I’m more excited about ordering the the Black Panther suit tbh. Found one for like $200…but I hope folks don’t go overboard with this movie. Just because it has a black cast of Black people doesn’t mean it’s a real portrayal of Black people. At the end of the day, it’s another scifi action fantasy movie, just like the other Marvel movies but with a “political edge”…also know as clever marketing.

    And no offense (& this may sound rude) but we also need superhero characters created by black people on the screen as well, no disrespect to Stan or anything…I’m just saying.

    What needs to come out of this is promoting more young black people to create their own heroes that represent us instead of relying on others to do it for us to tell us….if you get what I’m saying.

    However, I can see inklings of racial tension in the air surrounding this and I’m not amused. Race war will never end…

    While, we are praising BP, they are still getting paid at the end of the day at the top of the ladder. Always remember that.

    Now Jamari, you have to respect her decision but I feel you and I’d be annoyed with her as well.

    Also, just because something has black people in it, doesn’t mean you HAVE to support it. You should only see BP if that type of genre interests you. If it’s not your type of movie you usually go for, you will be bored with it regardless. You might appreciate the themes but that will be it. Folks need to calm down. We all have different opinions and tastes.

    BP must be new or something to this generation, cause we’ve had Blade (who is also Marvel), Steel, Spawn, Hancock, After Earth, The Last Dragon..and even Blankman.. etc and more. Idk what folks are thinking other than most of the cast is black. But that’s good as well. I like seeing that but it doesn’t hurt to look in the past since they do it anyway trying emulate the 90s.

    But we’ve also had real natured black rooted movies like Roots, Color Purple and Amistad…just depends on what floats your boat.

    Am I excited for this movie? YEP! I like the fashion, the cinematography and the dark-skinned sistas kicking ass, oh and Black Panther’s suit…I’m ordering that…Just saying.

    I usually don’t go to movies. I wait for reviews and then see it myself.

    Besides this movie, I’m also waiting for Jurassic World: Lost Kingdom.

    Don’t be surprised if I wear my suit to both screenings…🙃🤔 I will scratch you if you come at me sideways.. 🐾🐾

    1. @Jammy this and Jurassic World are the only two movies I wanna see opening weekend. I loved the last Jurassic World so I hopr this one is good.

  5. Good for you Jamari I’ve been doing the same, I have wasted so many years and opportunities to see and do things because I was trying to get people to go who either didn’t have the funds or a babysitter, or the time. I’ve realized I can do things by myself without the stress of trying to include others. I made myself a promise I would travel this year and go alone if I have to. Lucky I was able to travel to LA with new friends I met at my job by I’m still sticking to my guns about going alone if I have to.

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