Don’t Almost Get “Fucked” Like Elmo Nearly Did

sesame street been getting too much spotlight lately.
mitt romney wanted to fire big bird.
then now, elmo is in a sex scandal…

well this is good news for mister clash.
but still..

The 23-year-old man who accused Kevin Clash, the man who has been the voice of Elmo on “Sesame Street” for nearly three decades, of having had a sexual relationship with him when he was a minor recanted the allegation today.

“He wants it to be known that his sexual relationship with Mr. Clash was an adult consensual relationship,” according to a statement issued by the unidentified man’s representative, Andreozzi & Associates. “He will have no further comment on the matter.”

Clash said he was relieved to put the “painful allegation” to rest and “will not discuss it further.”

No charges have been filed.


all jokes aside,
let this be a warning to everyone.
be careful who you trust especially when it is underage.
when someone wants revenge for being hurt,
and they are young,
they will go to great lengths to destroy your character.
they want that person to feel the same pain and embarrassment they felt.
instead of telling “mommy and daddy“,
they go and tell the media or the police.
they’ll make it all better!

i can move on and let things go.
i don’t go into “revenge” tactics.
for what?
all the people who have hurt me over the years have met their karma.
i didn’t do/say anything.
i don’t have too.
they always come begging or kissing my ass.
or embarrassed because they know all the shit they threw came right back to them 10 fold.

bu what if that boy didn’t retract his story?
what if he was really dangerous?
he already had the country question this man’s character.
even i did.
poor elmo would have been getting ready to face court.
he would have been wrongfully accused and thrown in jail.
or worst, given a title of pedophile that could not be erased.
lost his career over some dumb shit.

do not put yourself in front if the “firing squad” as someone put it.
every fat ass is not warm inside.
every pipe doesn’t always provide pleasure.
people are out to fuck you over when things don’t go their way.
not everyone will keep “the secret between me and you“.
all that shit changes when you hurt the ego of someone else.
this has been the biggest life lesson i have learned.
and i learned from simple shit.
i have seen people go from “best friend” to “worst enemy” because their low self esteem bruised.
trust me foxes/wolves/and hybrids.

i hope he learned something from this.
i hope you did too.

10 thoughts on “Don’t Almost Get “Fucked” Like Elmo Nearly Did

  1. i didnt know this guy was even the voice of elmo and i still watch the show with my little cousins sometimes. people will do anything to get money. and now i bet its thousands of dumb ass parents tellin they kids they cant watch the show cause elmo likes little kids like we can see his face. people go ape crazy when they find out someone on a kid show is gay and messed with a minor and he shoulda thought about that being the age he hoping it wont be anymore “victims” coming forward.

  2. I didn’t like this situation because I felt that Kevin came out for nothing. I mean, we didn’t even know that he was gay until ol dude came out with this story. This was sad. Guys this is why we have to be careful about who we full around with.

  3. Great advice Jamari (as usual). I could not agree more.
    Be careful who you associate with. I always notice how people talk about ex-friends and lovers. If they are real bitter, vindictive or angry you can bet an economy size box of Magnums they will turn on you too.
    Mr. Clash dodged a big bullet but still got grazed. Because you know whatever he does in the future that stunt queen’s issue will be hanging over him. Hopefully, he will come back to the job soon and get back to work.

    P.S. And this happens in straight relationships too. A co-worker of mine has an ex-husband who called child welfare services on her when he got mad at her. She had to leave work to handle the investigation. Now mind you, this Negro ain’t visited his kids in years.

    1. Well if someone is bitter you should not be pursuing a relationship anyway as the sign of bitterness is a hint that the scars from the former relationship maybe raw.

      He had no right f**king with a child in the first place he still looking bad and now it looks like he paid the little homo off.

      If you treat people right you never could have bitterness and hateraid after ppl like to do messy shit and cry homo a bitch after.

  4. But what he do to that little boy omg gay men never learn trix are for kids leave them alone no matter how hot or sexy or mature for their age they are.

    As for revenge it easy to say leave wicked ppl be but only god can help you move on from a bitter circumstance remember revenge is a double edge sword that after you inflict the damage you desire its gonna return to you some how.

    1. He wasn’t a child though. He was an adult – a teenager, but over 18. I’m not gonna vilify Clash for chasing after a younger guy – dudes do that all the time; straight or gay.

      And sometimes you don’t see the cray-cray until you’re involved & try to break up. The point is to have some sort of pre-nup or agreement when you’re up there in the industry – make it hurt them in their pockets to blab.

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