dababy blocked the hiv/aids organizations in his contact list

i’ve been asking myself:

What’s the point of holding people accountable anymore?

 there is always some idiot vixen,
dick hungry gay,
or toxic straight that lets bad behavior slide.
rapping jackal,
has been shining brightly as a problematic straight.
between his fans and other toxics in the industry,
i’m sure he has been coddled into not giving af.
remember when ( x was briefly canceled )?
he was supposed to donate money to the hiv/aids organizations,
but it appears he has allegedly ghosted them via nme

DaBaby has received criticism following reports that the rapper hasn’t made any financial donations to three HIV/AIDS organisations he met over summer.

According to a report in The Daily Beast, three organisations – Black AIDS Institute, The Normal Anomaly Initiative and Positive Women’s Network – have said that there have been no updates following their off-the-record meeting in August. The meet-up was scheduled after DaBaby faced backlash over comments made during his appearance at Rolling Loud Miami.

Eleven organisations in HIV/AIDS prevention, education and treatment then penned an open letter to DaBaby requesting a private meeting to address his controversial comments. Though speaking with the organisations in what was described as a productive meet-up, several have now claimed that the rapper hasn’t followed through or reached out further.

“We have not received any outreach, partnership, or funding from DaBaby,” Pavni Guharoy, a communications consultant for the Black AIDS Institute, wrote in an email. “The onus is now on him, if he chooses to convert his misinformation into allyship by supporting the work of the Black AIDS Institute and other people of color-led HIV organizations.”

Venita Ray, PWN’s Co-Executive Director added: “We felt that the original meeting was very positive and while we have not partnered with DaBaby on any activities beyond that, we welcome opportunities to speak with or partner with him in the future.”

The news comes following the recent announcement of DaBaby’s string of US dates presented by Rolling Loud.

In a statement provided to NME, a Rolling Loud spokesperson said: “Rolling Loud supports second chances and we believe DaBaby has grown and learned from his experience. Everyone is welcome and we look forward to DaBaby’s fans seeing him live.”

i’m gonna font a controversial statement:

As much as YOU think someone should be canceled,
there are other people who think they shouldn’t be.

so what ya’ll thought?
he changed because he made a hefty donation?

anyone can donate money to make something go away.

i graduated with top honors from mariah’s school of “i don’t know her”.
when i’m done with you,
you magically disappear from my existence.

when you do something that fucked with my feelings or you violated,
it’s pretty much over.

I’m a Cancer.
When we are officially done,
we are done.

the only time i hear about dababy is when the foxhole sends in tips.
other than that,
i don’t know what that jackal is doing careerwise.
i use to be a huge fan of his but he lost me with his nonsense.

Stop expecting people to change over their bad behavior.
The jackals and hyenas don’t change unless they want to.

dababy ain’t changing over no gays.
he won’t even change over pussy,
what makes you think he will become a decent human over gay issues?

if you thought so,
i got a bridge to sell you in brooklyn.

article cc: nme

7 thoughts on “dababy blocked the hiv/aids organizations in his contact list

  1. DaBitch ain’t nothing but hood booger. he’ll be short lived soon cause the gay community spend coin nd we fund majority of these “artist nd “celebrities”. So him nd Travis Scott pockets bout to take a beating. Lol

  2. I’m going to be honest I saw Dababy doing this exact thing after the “gay community” or a couple of these gay organizations said he’s all clear and not homophobic which is funny cause he used them, as we all figured he would, and dipped. lol

  3. Jamari it must be an Aquarius thing too, because …

    🎶 When I fire someone, it will beeee foreverrrrrrr …. 🎶

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