*cue meltdown gif*

Dear foxhole…

so saturday night,
i had a meltdown

i don’t know about anyone else,
but one thing about the rona,
it’s causing me to confront myself during this isolation.
that can be a scary thing for some people.
this is why we see folks being extra needy and doing the most online.

one of my foxholers sent me an article about the rona and how it’s effecting new yawk.
so many folks have died out here because of it.
day after day,
i get news about the impending doom.
since i don’t have gloves or a mask,
i’m scared to leave my crib because i don’t want to be the next victim.
so when i read the article,
it didn’t help me feel better.
in the dm,
my foxholer said:

“If you can get out of NY,
you best do it now.”

the meltdown came because i didn’t have anywhere to go.


i felt so alone in that moment.
it was a scary feeling tbh.
one i’m sure many others are feeling as well.
i took sunday to rest and relax.
my phone went on airplane mode and was flying the friendly skies of “unavailable”.going forward,
i’m going to limit my news on the rona intake.
the shit ain’t healthy and it creates a ton of anxiety.

low-key: i find a peace having my phone on airplane mode right now.
is that wrong?

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “*cue meltdown gif*”

  1. I was thinking about the dire situation there, I would keep myself busy J. If you have to use a head scarf and i’m contemplating getting one too to cover my mouth or cut one of your own. Being that your on the computer and all other white collar are offsite is a good way to think about milking this blog to generate income and representing the fine wolfs you show off here.

    1. ^i’ve been wanting to stay busy.
      an idle mind is the devil’s playgorund.
      i don’t want to start thinking of things that will depress me.
      i want to focused on the next gameplan instead.

  2. It’s really not bad to have your phone on airplane mode. That’s good. You could spend time focusing on yourself, while also being that one part of helping out by staying inside.

    I don’t like how news articles or people generally just say things like that (no disrespect), because it can cause panic and panic causes confusion. Take a break and do something that relaxes you, man. God bless.

    1. ^thanks themurphy!

      i think i’ll have my phone on airplane mode for a while.
      i’ll take it off to update the foxhole ig and answer texts,
      but 95% of the time,
      it will be on airplane or dnd.

  3. All of us are being played for fools! And I keep telling you all to observe everything with a 3rd eye but some of you seem to enjoy contributing to the misery index. These “experts” are telling you millions will become infected and up 600,000 will die. And when that lie doesn’t happen they will say it’s because YOU LISTENED to them! What we are getting is a taste of iron fisted authoritarianism….. American style.

    We’re being LIED to in ways you can’t begin to imagine!

  4. “Fear and God do not occupy the same space”- Dick Gregory

    We don’t live in fear but with caution and discernment

  5. Most people survive. 85% survival and recovery rate. My best friend eldest Son has it but is getting better. Two people i know have lost a relative to the disease, however their relatives were older. Italy was hit the hardest due to the population being one of the oldest in Europe. The odds are in our favor. Please do not worry yourself to death TURN that TV off if you must. Listening to that hysteria will drive anyone mad.

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