christopher matthews wants to coach you so you can take (life) it by the balls

when i think of a life coach,
i think of someone who is going to help me find a sense of direction.

they understand my needs,
or lack their of,
and try to help me find the right path for my life.
they will be tough but still gentle enough for me to understand.
i’d require someone who has been properly trained and has credentials.
i want to see reviews from past clients as well.
i require a lot when it comes to coaching me for success.

It seems that attentionisto,
Christopher Matthews aka @kingedcam,
is trying to do something different.

a Foxholer sent me a drop that he wants to coach you to take it.
by take it,
i mean life by the horns because he is getting into the life coaching business

From shy guy to army tough, I’ve navigated life’s obstacles like a boss. Now, as a seasoned fitness influencer and devoted dad to a son and three fur babies, I’m here to coach you through life’s challenges with a sprinkle of humor and a ton of motivation. Let’s turn your hurdles into stepping stones together!

In this gig, I offer transformational life coaching services tailored to help you navigate life’s challenges and achieve your goals with style and grace. Drawing from my diverse background as a former shy introvert turned army veteran and social media fitness influencer, I bring a unique blend of wit, wisdom, and urban flair to our coaching sessions. Whether you’re looking to boost your confidence, find your passion, or overcome obstacles, I’m here to guide you every step of the way. With three tiers of packages to choose from you can select the level of support that best fits your needs. Let’s team up and make some boss moves together!

price ranges in the packages range from 50 to 400 dollars.

I mean,
it’s different than the others using OF as their fallback careers,

i wonder if folks will pay for his coaching just to try and fuck him?

good luck to him.

x check out his services and report back

4 thoughts on “christopher matthews wants to coach you so you can take (life) it by the balls

  1. He has always been a favorite of mine! I actually saw him on one of the “Reality Court Shows” I was surprised. [ It wasn’t ” messy” though]. Which was good . hehehe

  2. I understand what the words mean individually, but what exactly is a “Life coach”; is this really a thing? From the sounds of it, it looks like you’re just paying someone to be your friend. I’ve been blessed in my life to have close friends who’ve encouraged and motivated me throughout my life, but do people not have any close friends anymore to the point where we pay random people and call them life coaches?

    I’m with you Jason and Jamari, what are the credentials for this? People just let anyone talk to them. I was just having a conversation not too long ago and was saying how people just get caught up in the aesthetics, they let people who look like they just hopped off of a fitness magazine or an episode of “Love & Hip-Hop” talk to them about any and everything from finances, to relationships, marriage, all the way up to healthcare. I’m sorry but if you’re 20 -35 years old you can’t talk to me with any confidence or authority unless you have some degrees or credentials behind your name.

  3. I wish I would pay some man to tell me generic positive affirmations and read quotes from his Chinese lunch special fortune cookies! Call me crazy, but I’d rather just pay him to mess around and go see my LICENSED therapist.

  4. I found out about him through your page years ago. Unlike the others he always gave me unproblematic vibes. Like He would be the husband who actually is committed to his spouse and children. He loves his fur babies especially the eldest one. I stan for Men who mind their business and stay out of the way 💪🏿💯

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