Everyone Meet The First Example: Ray Rice

ffd31179aef24a99ccfb90d3c389935bso if you’ve seen and heard,
baller wolf ray rice put his paws on his then fiance,
janay palmer.
in ( x the first video ),
they showed him dragging her out of an elevator at atlantic city.
well a video was released of what exactly happened inside today.
what is it with ( x these elevators )?
are they the new boxing ring?
this footage maybe graphic for some…
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Could August Alsina Bend Her Over Any Harder?

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 1.38.47 PMnow you all know how i feel about september.
oh you dunno who that is?
thats what i like to call august alsina’s ratchet alter ego.
september decided to bring some vixens on stage the other night in alabama.
they are currently on the testimony live tour.
august was going to seduce them with vocals.
well as august was singing,
september decided to give a vixen something pretty interesting
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What Diet Is Angelina Jolie On?

0672_f725_696so everyone knows i love angelina jolie.
she is definitely one of my main contenders for “spirit animal”.
well she finally got married to super wolf brad pitt,
and i’m so happy for her and all,
but what the hell is this below?…
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How To Come Out The Closet and Get Paid For It

1icKrjTsome people keep their closet door bolted for this very reason.
you’ll soon see the reason,
or maybe afterwards,
you’ll be motivated to set up a gofundme account.
anyway so daniel ashley pierce,
who resides in georgia,
decided he wanted to come out the closet to his parents.
of course it didn’t go as planned.
well this is the video that has gone viral with what happened as he did…
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“So I Gotta Sit Next To This Homo Sunday Night?”

MTV-VMAsso i didn’t even realize the 2014 vmas was this sunday.
i know.
i know.
i only found out when i was watching some random commercial,
as well as the alleged seating chart.
guess who chris brown might sit next to?…
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