Andrew Caldwell Needs Some Funds DeliverT

so andrew caldwell has upped his security detail.
some of ya’ll throw paws when you see him.
well that security won’t block his wages being garnished.
you know he was sued by kordell stewart and lost.
an f-bi sent me the alleged go fund me someone made for andrew.
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“Baby, Fuck Me Straight Raw and Stupid In This Train!”

/the following video is parental advisory.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

so this is for my straight readers.
there are a lot of them who lurk the foxhole.
*waves to my straights*
this is for them.
so you’re out the bae,
it’s late at night,
you’re on the way home,
and decide that you want to smash in an empty train car.
you know i’m always down for freaky shit.
this isn’t what i had in mind tho…

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Azealia Banks Will Sacrifice You Like A Chicken

i wouldn’t play around with azealia banks if i was you.
yeah she crazy and can drag you to hell,
but she can also make your life hell too.
azealia allegedly practices ‘brujería and shit.
i guess growing up around dominicans influenced her.
she put up an instagram story for her cleaning out her closet.
she been sacrificing chickens
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Another Black Celebrity Wolf Gets Outed?

so a foxholer sent me a developing story and the first thing i said was:


is 2016 trying to go out with a bang?
well another celebrity wolf gets allegedly outed by a messy jackal.
kordell can jump for joy now.
on the next:


we allegedly got
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Taye Diggs and The Sus Sex Joke That Fell Flat

taye-diggs-rosewood-e1444686878720i use to think taye diggs was fine.
i loved his smile and that tail of his:


well taye is trending because of a joke he made on twitter.
someone tweeted about what nba baller wolf,
steph curry,
said in reference to another baller wolf,
klay thompson.
it was in reference to “how stella got her groove back”,
a movie that taye has starred in.
well somehow taye saw it and well via baller alert
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