Are Our Favorite Attentionistos Really On Escort Sites?

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.07.15 AMhow much would you pay to smash ^him off an escorting ad?
i always get the same fox mails over and over about attentionistos.

“i just saw steven beck on back page!”
“i just saw heat on an escorting site!”
“i think this is borrell jr thigh on a4a”

i am sent the link,
i look at it,
and i can tell it’s a fake.
sometimes it’s obvious,
while others put up a damn good copy.
why do others create such an elaborate scheme off an attentinisto?
what happens when someone wants to pay big money?

i guess my question is…

What’s the point?

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Maravilla Is Leaving Social Media Because of One of You

12821414_1004119082995681_7842956260855074737_nyou want to know the downside to being the attentionisto/nista?
your self worth depends on your social media accounts.
well maravilla,
a foxhole attentionisto fav,
has had his self worth pretty much destroyed recently.
by one of you.
he has decided to end his social media experience,
but not without a little message on facebook
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The Attentionisto Who Is An Alleged Racist?

tumblr_njkgtpv8eB1tfl4yfo1_1280okay sooooooo…
^he did something to get the dragging he has been getting.
his name is gio and he is an attentionisto.
well gio allegedly is a racist as well.
i say allegedly because he had some sex leakage and well…










okay now go…
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Marvilla Wants To Be On Top

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 6.52.19 AMnice flowers.
oh right.
we weren’t supposed to be looking at the flowers.
well marvilla,
one half of the dominincan attentionistos,
wants to claim his title over the other one.
he is more subtle with his attentionisto ways.
he put up this video and well…
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“So The Two Attentionistos Were In A Car, Right?”

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 10.49.57 PM…you know that always starts a good tale.
and why did he black out his tail,

but when did these two attentionistos become bffs?…
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