Slapped The Taste Out

slapslapslapslapi’m tired of hoodrats.
i’m tired of ghetto shenanigans.
i’m tired of people pulling out their phones to be on worldstar.
i’m just tired of it all.
is it just me?
so i know everyone saw this video with ^that mangy mutt getting slapped back into her mama’s womb yesterday…
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So Spanky Hayes Lied About Tyrese and His Big Mouth?

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 10.05.50 PMshots fired!
in other “where are you going with this?” news,
spanky hayes explains why he did what he did.
you know him and tyrese got into ( x a little spat ) the other day,
well he even made a response video to the response video:

well spanky did allllllllll this…
to admit today he did it for shock value and attention.
he had a radio interview with and well…
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Chris Brown’s Transgendered House Jackal Speaks!

chris-brown-instagramwell damn!
november 3rd came quick!
shit i done missed halloween
the transgendered she jackal by the name of shauna brooks,
who supposedly did “something” with chris brown,
sped up the date to talk about what happened that night at his crib.
you know ( x the one ) i’m talking about…
you better pull up a chair and grab some popcorn.
this is what went down
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Spanky Hayes Is Going To Spank Tyrese

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 8.19.01 PMwell spanky is really going hard with this,
ain’t he?
so remember he had a lot to say about a few people,
including tyrese?

you know…
about tyrese allegedly having to ( x get on his knees ) to be in baby boy.
well after tyrese dropped his response video on facebook,
spanky dropped his response video to the response video on instagram
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So You Got Smashed By Your First Celeb? (OMG!)

baller wolf!
an online attentionisto!
“mr popular” around your way!
congrats are in order!
…but now you want to tell the world.
so this is NOT what to do…
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Chris Brown Starring In “Givers or Takers” With A Transgendered She-Jackal?

i needed a minute after this one.
as i always like to throw out there,
chris brown had relations with a transgender she-jackal at his house in virginia.
of course she is kissing and telling…
on november 3rd.
save the date!
so this is what she-jackal looks like…
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