boosie was deeply offended at the gay narratives in the color purple 2023

did The Foxhole go see The Color Purple 2023 yet?
will ya’ll be mad at me if I fonted that I haven’t?
that is the type of movie I’d see when it hits streaming.
unless I was going with my manz,
or even a group of friends,
that is the kind of movie i’d want to watch with cozy vibes.

with my manz.
i don’t remember there being gay stuff in the original movie.
according to boosie,
he straight up walked out of the gay narratives in this 2023 version…

this coming from a rapper who is a walking stereotype in life.
what is he even fonting about?
he out here sounded like a karen.

i bet he went and demanded to speak to the manager too.

OMG it’s like the white vixens who were “so offended” at Barbie.
They walked out because it was “so adult”.
“I had to cover my kid’s ears!”
I watched the shit and was waiting for the offenses.

I used to be like him.

When I was a teen Fox and struggling with my sexuality,
I would avoid movies or shows with gay characters and themes.
To this day,
I ain’t ever seen The Birdcage.

i always find it sus when people proclaim how much they hate something.

Is he offended when his fellow “rappians” are disrespecting vixens,
slowly killing themselves with their drug use,
selling the same drugs to our community,
and offending our ears with auto-tune?

… nah,
probably not.

lowkey: when I’m sad,
I watch him talking about watching someone get pounded in jail.

7 thoughts on “boosie was deeply offended at the gay narratives in the color purple 2023

  1. .I do think Boosie is shining a light in the vicinity of a point, so let’s get honest. The original “ Color Purple” came out in 1985, recently there is an old clip of Whoopi Goldberg talking about the controversy surrounding the original movie, how the NAACP basically blackballed the picture because of the depiction of black men, and how that controversy in her opinion was a factor in why despite being nominated for 12 Oscar’s they didn’t win any; Whoopi also talked about how people were upset that the movie was different than the book when it came to Celie and Shugs relationship and she said ” Look it was 1985, a kiss was all you were going to get”

    For me, that’s the rub. We are post “ Marriage equality “, post ” Brokeback Mountain”, and post ” Moonlight”, why in 2023/2024 are we not showing the fully realized lesbian relationship between Celie and Shug? The hard conversation is Boosie has no power, it has been decided that any LGBTQIA+ no matter how small is not family-friendly and belongs in a different category. This movie is marketed as “Inspirational” and “A must-see” If you accurately depict the lesbian relationship, I think you lose the ability to present the movie in that matter.

    Let’s also take it up a notch. Oprah, Tyler Perry, Fantasia, and even Taraji P Henson their core audience is that respectability politics, black Christian crowd; you’re only going to go so far. If we’re going to be honest if you depict the relationship do Taraji or Fantasia even sign on to the project?

    Boosie is ignorant we all get that, but all I’m saying is before we go down the black men are homophobic rabbit hole there might need to be some smoke for Oprah, Fantasia, and the other people associated with the project who didn’t want to deal with the possible backlash for featuring a lesbian relationship

  2. People are nuts. The OG movie had a kiss just like the new movie while y he OG book had Celie and Shug in a full-fledged relationship! That just lets you know people just wanna have their ass on their shoulders for nothing!

    1. A perfect example of someone who didn’t read the book nor paid attention to the original and just wanna bitch about any damn thing.

  3. The movie was fantastic. Literally shug and Celie had a song together, they kissed and woke up in bed (full clothed). That was literally it.

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