barry bartlett wants us to help him get his boyfriend back

barry bartlett,
is naked and filled with grief.
he allegedly did something and he’s in hot water.
he is begging for his (ex?)boyfriend back in a series of posts.
this is what i was sent from a foxholer…


i’m so mad he fonted couple’s counseling tho.

at first,
i thought he was hacked.
i was so confused.

^that would annoy me.
my wolf would know i don’t do “public ig love” shit.
i don’t need ig to know who i’m dating.
that being fonted if he fucked up bad,
like cheated or got some hoe pregnant,
i’d have to slap him for posting this shit.
don’t start crying for forgiveness when i throw your ass out for bad behavior.
i don’t know the logistics of their relationship,
but if you gotta get on the gram begging for another chance,
you might need to be on some time out for a little.

lowkey: i kinda like how the boyfriend said “bye pineapple”.
you gotta know when it’s time to walk away.
i do think they’ll be back together tho.

Author: jamari fox

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23 thoughts on “barry bartlett wants us to help him get his boyfriend back”

  1. What gives anybody the right to tell their story all from posts of what they’re seeing but never once actually chatting with them! Barry and Michael both are amazing guys. And I think this was an act of courage, bravery, and determination (that this generation lacks) to be bold and share your loved one. The fact that Barry was strong enough to be as transparent as he was it’s amazing! We all got to see all the good post, why not the bad and rather than judging or criticizing, how about we send love and light their way!! When I saw this it really inspired me, but mostly touched me that someone recognizes they messed up and actually was willing to do whatever is necessary to ad value to their relationship in a healthy way!!! It irks me that so many people have so much negativity to say, when it takes less energy to put positivity into them! Also, Michael and Barry are in a good space. They chat all the time and Michael eventually thanked him for professing him love on social media. So I guess the jokes on all of you! Assholes!! Keep shining Barry!

  2. I can’t stand narcissists and their dumb ass relationships; furthermore, it seems like everyone is a hoe these days! Shit! First of all, muscles ain’t special that someone needs to pay to be with someone with them. Secondly, with all of these HIV cases getting steroids to prevent wasting, guys with their look come a dime a dozen. One could only hope that Michael is strong enough to move on, but as history has proven he probably won’t because he’ll miss the clout their vanity relationship brought in. I never got the hype of dating someone who looks like they could be related to me anyway. They look like the same fucking person. Nothing sexy about it. Creepy af and weird.

    Had Barry’s zodiac sign not been on his hoe page I would’ve guaranteed yall that he was a Taurus (or some other mutable aka psycho sign). His behavior gives me wild Chris Brown teas. I don’t know what these boys expect after showcasing their entire relationship on social media, hoeing together, and inviting 3rd, 4th, and 5th parties into their bedrooms. These niggas be for everybody. I’m willing to put money on it that Barry was physically abusive. Those steroids cause severe mood swings and violent tendencies.

    Sidebar: 9” my foot 😂. Dumb ass hoe don’t know his dick from a light switch! I remember I told a guy what I was working with and his canyon ass had the nerve to call me “average” and say his ex was bigger than me. It was all fun and games until he could barely fit me in his mouth. These dumb asses wouldn’t know a true 9” penis if it slapped them in the face!

  3. I’ve never heard of none of these people but those are a lot of likes under his paragraph. People really be showing out like this on social media? They both look like the typical social media attention seeking folks but I honestly can’t say too much since I don’t know (really don’t care too much either…) about their relationship.

    These up close shots these folks put on Instagram are creepy. It’s always the same too. The muscle guys all hugged up like some Lifetime movie.. Lol

    Echoing off what someone said in their post earlier: Find yourself before you find someone else.

    1. I thought they were a cute couple…I’ve been following Barry on IG for a few years and he was always very secretive when it came to his sexuality…he started to open up a lot once him and Michael became a couple (always posting about him)…they both have their own only fans page too and they would have content with each other on each of their pages

  4. This is highly manipulative and borderline narcissistic. He doesn’t want us the pray for them (because apparently there’s no “them” anymore) he wants us to force his ex to take him back. This is toxic and like Cornelius said really abusive. Don’t put my private business on social media, it’s a super red flag for me. Run Michael, RUN!!!

    1. FACTS! I’ll post a wedding pic a few years after so the haters know we’re lasting and maybe a few holiday pics here and there, but you will NOT hear a peep out of me.

  5. go find yourself than go find love. smh see how far them looks will get ya, everything you want til you realize it doesn’t keep everything around

  6. This is abusive. It’s to put pressure on the boyfriend to take him back. I’ve had it done MANY times to me on social media. It’s so embarrassing when people turn to the internet instead of owning up to their mess.

    1. You can tell he was very possessive in the relationship and his partner had to escape. He doesn’t miss him, he misses the control he wants over him.

    1. Wow that peen looks juicy. His man must have gotten so used to it that he doesn’t care to take Barry’s ain’t shit ass back LOL

  7. I absolutely hate when men do this. You want to go fuck up our relationship and then do attentionisto shit when you gotta face the consequences. Don’t show up at my job, my show, tag me on social etc Period. YOU made this situation happen so deal with it. Alone.

      1. Whenever a guy asks where I work, I get nervous. I had a co-worker try to kill me last summer. It’s not worth it.

      1. how can you be possessive when you on rentmen which probably caused the breakup when he went more times than needed to the cookie jar

    1. They are both for hire. He left his broke ass for one of his rich customers. These type of relationship don’t last. He’ll be back soon.

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