At Least Isaiah Pead Gets To Sleep In For One Game?

tumblr_mnqzuj7yFq1qj5jgpo1_500is this the face of a bad baller wolf?
well don’t let the “u gon’ let me beat?” gaze fool you…

Rams running back Isaiah Pead has described the 2012 season, his rookie year, as a “miserable life.

The 2013 season isn’t off to such a hot start, either.

Pead has been suspended for the first game of the year without pay for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, according to the NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

Though Pead can participate in the team’s offseason and preseason programs, he won’t be around for Week 1 vs. the Cardinals. He’ll be eligible to return to the team Monday, Sept. 9.

Pead had hoped to use his disappointment from his rookie season, where he fell behind Daryl Richardson as Steven Jackson‘s backup, to springboard into a starting role in St. Louis in 2013.

“Whole new era, whole new attitude, whole new team, whole new Pead,” he said in April. “Now I’m just getting back to what I know what got me here and that’s being the best in the workout that day, going home, coming back and giving my best in the workout that day. My goals, I really don’t have one. I want to win every day and be the best person every day.”


StevieStruggle5-1362609323well isaiah i’m shocked.
all this time i thought you were a good wolf too.
playing by the rules and such.
you totally slipped under my radar and got you some street cred.
not even mad at it.
let it not happen again.

lowkey: a little more meat:

tumblr_mgipx5EMdc1qk5j8to2_1280nothing like a wolf who sleeps with nothing but his balls.

6 thoughts on “At Least Isaiah Pead Gets To Sleep In For One Game?

  1. He’s sexy!!! Love those lips! He just needs some guidance that I would happily provide!!!

  2. Be a good boi Isaiah, we don’t want you to fuck up because your career really begins.

  3. His fault.

    You getting all this money; playing the game that you love, and you risk it all for a little bit of weed?

    These dudes are stupid.

  4. First: I love when you feature anything/anyone pertaining to one of my cities, as well football lol.

    I got to meet Isaiah, and a few other rams rooks last year, twice. He seemed kind of gassed..cocky.

    …..anyway. I hope thi season he stops pussy footing to the line, and shine since their is no more Steven Jackson
    P.S I’m thinking he must’ve tested pos for prescription drugs, maybe adderall?

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