antonio brown might be over

grand opening; grand closing.
i didn’t think it would happen in 2 weeks tho.
antonio brown
my first response when i saw this story was:


i thought he found a new team,
would work his ass off to get a ring,
and be the “you thought?” story of next year.
The Universe seemed to have other plans.
he actually went and did some fuck shit via “espn“…

The New England Patriots released embattled wide receiver Antonio Brown on Friday, less than two weeks after signing him.

We appreciate the hard work of many people over the past 11 days, but we feel that it is best to move in a different direction at this time,” the team said in a statement.

Text messages sent by Brown to a woman alleging sexual misconduct were viewed by some in the organization to have crossed the line, a source told ESPN. The text messages — which were reported by Sports Illustrated on Thursday and included a picture of the woman’s children, which her lawyers called intimidating — were significant in that they were sent while Brown was a member of the Patriots, the source said.

so wait…

Did he group text her????????

even if she was lying,
he just handed her the bag peacefully.
you never speak to anyone that is accusing you of anything.
you let lawyers duke it out from there on out.
he has had a busy couple of months.

all of this,
he could have stayed his ass on the steelers.
his cockiness seriously got the best of him.
i expected something smarter,
but alas,
he might just be a dumb ass.

What next?

…because i doubt he’ll be a sportscaster after alla this.

lowkey: folks be getting too cocky when that fame hits at 1000.

article cc: espn

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “antonio brown might be over”

  1. No I will not stop like I said the white man is dirty and we all no these whores not loyal period paper chasers and you can fall back I got this

  2. Point being just cause some ones says something doesn’t make it true remember innocent until proven guilty this use yo be American law

  3. This is the white man way of putting a black king in his place before the raiders shot nothing had been said he put the team manager on blast no hoes #me too shit thats are messy he did this and that two years ago no police report bitch please women are not worth it they better find a trade or two

  4. I hope he’s not suffering from early stage severe CTE, like Aaron Hernandez. It destroys people’s judgment, impulse control, and more. That brain disease has laid quite a few NFL ballers out, so he probably should get his head checked out ASAP. On top of the usual tomfoolery something is clearly not working between those ears.

  5. So..he didn’t do it, but is taunting her? If you’ve done nothing wrong, you sit back and let the truth come out. Who taunts? Someone who did it and thinks they can get away with it.

    If you didn’t do something, you would beg them to recant.

    Narcissists will hurt, then play victim. Death to them all.

  6. Whew!!! What a quick fall from grace!! Dumbass, get your shit together AB!! shut your fucking mouth and just play ball!!! You have the talent, hopefully this isn’t the end of your career.

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