Andrew Caldwell Can’t Spend Money on New Homes Anymore

kordell stewart is allegedly not playing with andrew caldwell.
you know how kordell stewart sued him?
you know andrew caldwell allegedly forgot to show up to the hearings?
well kordell done got all andrew’s account frozen.
he had a nice facebook live rant about it,
which was captured by doozy manor: home of the mother caldwell fan club

he is mental disturbed.
this is not normal.
he was legit adding more fuel to the fire with his “ranting”.
did ya’ll peep the various personalities within the video?
i love how he said he gonna go to another bank and open an account.

i feel like kordell should really back off tho.
andrew is obviously suffering from mental illness.
i don’t know what he expects to “get” from andrew,
and i’m certainly not defending him,
but this is really a “lose/lose” for all parties involved.
this might end really bad.

lowkey: it’s interesting how 115k follow andrew.
are they just following to witness this train wreck?

video taken: youtube

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Andrew Caldwell Can’t Spend Money on New Homes Anymore

      1. He needs to be delivered to the nearest mental facility because that kind of crazy is off the charts.

  1. So let’s recap:

    He has 25 mins to go on a rant about his accounts being frozen by Kordell Stewart? I couldn’t find the time with my work schedule to do that so shoutouts to him.

    This is mental illness with attention seeking as its catalyst. You lied on Kordell saying that you slept with him or did something of a sexual nature with him but can’t provide proof? No screenshots of email, text messages, or nudes? Miss Caldwell is lucky that she didn’t pull this bullshit with a real crazy one like Aaron Hernandez. Kordell (and any other major celebrity) has money and influence. When you have that, you have people willing to take the fall for your dirty work. Idk what Kordell is worth, but I’m sure he has pull and connects with people. Kordell could of made him “disappear”. People have “disappeared” and gotten killed for less. He lucky he just got his account frozen.

    This is what happens when you try to make yourself out to be more important that what you are. I don’t feel sorry for someone that doesn’t want to admit that they have a problem and let it get out of hand because they are too prideful to step out of themselves and see what the rest of the world sees.

    1. ^i REALLY like this breakdown f&s.
      you hit the nail on the head.
      andrew needs to seek a therapist.
      he has been caught up in so much lies.
      his comment box is draggings.
      nothing positive being said in there.

  2. What did his dumb-ass expect would happen if you don’t show up for court proceedings?!
    That it’s all going to just go away?!

  3. i have questions

    1. did the title say “Mother Caldwell” but he is delivered?

    2. is he practicing a deep voice?

    3. who is his personal trainer…Molly MacMuffin?

    4. Does he only have 2 front teeth?

    5. who watched past the first 3 minute?

  4. Um, yaaaas to your last question Jamari….I only begrudgingly got to 2:25 mark nd I was like nooope!…his next video post will be about his treatment from whateva bank he think he gonna jus go into and setup shop again and how he received *blank ninja-are-u-fuckin-serious-right-now stares* and a subsequent security escort outside the premises…bless ’em Lawd, bless ’em….

  5. You know what, I will not watch the video because I already got the jist of what Andrew Caldwell is doing and saying. I will say this: he needs help! Like legit serious help! Like “Iyanla Fix My Life” help because beloveds, this one needs to be “delivert” from his mental illness and internet fame.

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