Anal Cancer, Cancer, Cancer

Does this commercial SCARE you? 

Graphic stuff ahead…


It has the gay community losing their minds.
Why didn’t they just address it to ALL lifestyles?
That is the part that confuses me.
Like gays are the only ones giving each other AIDS…
Stop it.

6 thoughts on “Anal Cancer, Cancer, Cancer

    1. Correct! But in the interest of time, how do we know it is a collective answer to why? these are individuals..i do support a grass roots type of feel to this which would work best. Which means we definitely need to get more involved in the communities we live in and address the people we have there before we launch this big sha bang because a lot of these INDIVIDUALS are not the same when it comes to the whys. It would take a lot of TLC with the small until we can connect them all into a big. But with the way the statistics are, I can understand why they are using the scare tactic….but they should know by now that its not scaring them and that will only make it worse…..everyone knows when u tell folks not to do something, they want to do it more.

  1. I know you can not scare folks into using condoms but it seems the more serious this gets, the more people assume the IT CAN NEVER HAPPEN TO ME ATTITUDE. It is a very poisonous way to think. I also think that more of these straight porn companies need to get on with condom usage. They make condoms seem more like the death threat rather than the actual conditions and diseases you can contract without their usage. It is a very sad state of affairs when people actually believe that because they get tested, its an excuse and a free pass to start fucking raw. Testing makes you AWARE of your status…not PROTECT you from diseases. After you get tested, its your own fault if you go out and contract syphilis in the next coming months until you are tested again. No one injects magic medication in you when you get tested so you can stay clean…ugh…..

    this is just about as bad as my hetero female friends who believe they can not get pregnant because their boyfriend has nutted in them 200x before and they still havent gotten pregnant. YOU IDIOT! THAT DOES NOT MEAN IT WONT HAPPEN THE NEXT TIME! UGH…. I JUST CANT …..JESUS BE A FENCE!

    1. From my experience, no one is thinking of the consequences of unprotected sex in middle of the night when you’re lonely and wanting attention. When this guy you want to impress is pressuring with sex. When you’re controlled by your hormones and genitalia as opposed to the logical part of your brain. I feel like the best method would be to address the mental part of why promiscuity exists. ‘Why are you sleeping around so much let alone doing it without a condom?’ is the real question. What do you get out of it in the short/long run? Its very clear that the numbers continue to rise despite these PSA commercials and handing out condoms for free and education in schools. There is a disconnect and we have yet to address it.

      If you have someone who keeps running into traffic… and you tell them, one of these days you are going to get hit. Despite you showing them videos of car crashes and statistics of teen deaths by motorists, they CONTINUE to run into traffic. And all you do is keep yelling at them to stop…. It comes a point where you need to stop them, sit them down, and ask WHY ARE YOU RUNNING INTO TRAFFIC? Stop focusing on the WHAT (unprotected sex with multiple partners) and start understanding the WHY (the need, causes, and reinforcements for unprotected sex with multiple partners).

  2. I’m with you on that. I understand the need for awareness but that last part where they actually show someone with anal cancer was a bit much for me. Especially since you can tell it was an African American male. But the face of HIV is (black) gay men. I’m waiting for someone who’s apart of these HIV awareness campaigns to realize that this method isn’t working. You can’t scare someone into using a condom.

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