FACIAL: (30)

tumblr_o0rxmqjVqn1t376jso1_1280he looks smug.
i like em smug.
he also looks like a typical smug “rican or dominican/new yawk” wolf.
well with a bottom ripe lip like that…
i hear they like to eat.

lowkey: i like that beard on his facial.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “FACIAL: (30)”

  1. I like the way he’s sticking his tongue out cause it only means one thing. He’s looking for a nice sweet ass to lick.

    1. IDK man. I think he’s one of the best look dudes he’s posted.

      Of course, I’m not into the whole super muscular guys thing.

  2. Very attractive young man. Just checked out his IG and I feel like an old pervert now. I lusted after HIS FATHER as a pre-teen/teenager in the 1990’s!!! SMH. His father is the former model Garfield who appeared in TLC’s ‘Red Light Special’ video. Garfield was also briefly a host on BET & appeared on the S-Curl box for years. LOL. It’s a small world & this guy definitely inherited his father’s good looks.

  3. Isn’t this dude going to be on the new A&E show Fit to Fat to Fit?
    He looks like one of the trainers in the commercial!

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