The Kardashian’s Pissed Ya’ll Off With Their Halloween Costumes

it really pisses me off aaliyah‘s music isn’t on any streaming networks.
besides her first album which i could definitely leave.
her uncle needs to be thrown into a volcano.
every halloween,
we try to replicate something/someone in pop culture.
that she hyena ya’ll don’t care for,
kim kardashian,
tried her hand at being aaliyah in her “try again” video.
this is what was the outcome

is she impersonating a drag queen being aaliyah?

kim decided to do a costume change with kourtney.
they decided to try their hand at michael jackson and madonna.
it’s from this moment way back at the 91′ academy awards:

this was their effort:

kourtney looks so dry.
well listen,
it’s halloween.
everyone dresses up and does outrageous shit.
at least they didn’t paint their faces black.

Where is Kanye in all this tho?

is he still highly medicated to enjoy most things?

lowkey: kylie should have went as “teen mom”.
oh wait…

kim “aaliyah” pictures credited: splash | daily mail


  1. DaRealist said:


    October 29, 2017
  2. Chris said:

    I see no issue with her dressing as Aaliyah. She wasn’t in black face, and the outfit was on point. Seems like another reason for people to come at them.

    October 29, 2017
    • 96 King said:

      People are so damn pathetic lol. All the crazy shit that’s going on in our country right now and THIS is what they choose to get mad at? What a joke! People had no reason to attack Kim. It’s not like she was mocking Aaliyah. It’s really not that deep. People are annoying. Faux outrage strikes again

      October 29, 2017
    • Kim did that!! Babygirl would be so proud. I don’t see why people are having an issue with it. Kim’s just expressing the fact that she too LOVES Aaliyah like we all do. People need to get a hobby

      October 30, 2017
    • Mark V said:

      Like honestly, she KILLED it. People just look for a reason to hate.

      November 10, 2017
  3. caz said:

    Funny thing is whatever party she went to, she probably spent the evening explaining to white people who she was. Yes people were upset because Kim has, because of her “enhancements”, spent her adult life in a black woman costume. But to come out as Aaliyah is blasphemous because the black community looks at her as sacred. I’m sure the Mexican community would be just as upset if she dressed up like Selena next year.

    October 29, 2017
  4. Mansur said:

    I love Aaliyah and I welcome famous people making the ignorant aware of her. The costume was good except those hideous shoes. Unfortunately Kim’s body type is totally different from Aaliyah’s, so the outfit is less edgy (like Aaliyah) and more video vixen.

    October 30, 2017
  5. Mark V said:

    Y’all hating. If you dress up as something for Halloween, and everyone instantly knows who you are, you killed it, and Kim did that. It’s not like she did black face. Y’all gotta chill.

    November 10, 2017

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