Wendy Williams Moves Up The iTunes Charts With Her Debut Song

wendy-williams-aaliyah-lifetimewendy williams is a confusing one.
she has no issues being nasty to others,
but then she has her own issues that stir up on occasion.
so she cried again.
this time,
about a random song they sang about her in school.
ya know…
when she was fat.
it was called “wendy whale-iams”,
according to wendy.
this is the song,
from her lips to your ears
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Wendy Williams Lets Kenya Moore They Ain’t Friends

screen-shot-2016-10-01-at-7-22-51-pmthere are just some things you don’t say.
i don’t care how much you don’t like someone.
well wendy williams went too far with the following story.
now i actually like wendy,
but this shit here
so wendy was doing her usual hot topics segment a few days ago.
she talked about the rhoa/season 9 trailer.
9 seasons of that show.
there was a scene where kenya moore was talking about sheree whitfield’s crib.
the long standing work that is “chateau sheree”.
well this was what kenya said and this was wendy’s comeback
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I Think We Can Fix Aunt Wendy A Plate Again

10-wendy-williams.w529.h529it takes a certain level of maturity to apologize.
not many have it.
it doesn’t make you look weak or even effect your reputation.
i actually respect those who can right their wrongs with an apology.
well as you know,
wendy williams was wrong with her statements about hbcus.
roland s martin called her out and she called him to be on her show today.
this is how it went down…
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Aunt Wendy May Not Be Invited To The Black Cookouts Anymore


what were you thinking?
obviously you weren’t.
so as you already know,
wendy williams went from “shock jock” to “talk show host”.
wendy has always said what she felt,
with no fucks of other’s feelings or if they were offended,
but maybe she should have kept this opinion about hbcus to herself.
a foxholer sent me what cnn had to report…
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